Well guys, I’ve split this page up into multiple pages.  Until I figure out a way to make it prettier, here goes nothing:

Screenwriting. Some of the screenwriting I’ve done, pretty much all for school at this point.  I’m working on some other things (like a couple of spec scripts) and I’ll probably include excerpts when they’re finished (or nearly finished).

Blogs, Articles, Etc. I’ve contributed to a few blogs in the past and I contribute regularly to at least one…okay, one…and pretty much everything I write for blogs is related to TV. Or vampires. But not TV vampires. But anyway, check it out. It’s good times. I write a lot about Dexter in various places. It turns out, I know a lot about Dexter.

Academic. This one sounds like the most boring, right, but I’m actually probably the most proud of this section.  Here is some academic writing I’ve done on things like alternate reality gaming, transmedia storytelling and the Matrix franchise, sexism and Mad Men, and the historical context of Dr. Strangelove.  I’m currently working on including a massive Powerpoint presentation that’s basically a Dexter-as-TV-crime-drama case study.  Originally, I had no plans to include because it’s a huge undertaking converting it to be web-friendly and because it really was meant as a presentation and it’s hard to kind of get it without, you know, actually presenting it (hmmm…audio?).  However, more than one person has actually asked me to put it up someplace, which confounds me since I fully expect nobody to ever read this section and I’m not sure why you’d really want to see it (apart from the fact that Dexter is amazing), but the people have spoken.