What does “angel-no-relation” mean, you ask? I know you ask, because I’ve gotten so many Google hits about this, that are literally in the form of a question. Well, here, from page…something of Darkly Dreaming Dexter:

Well, I figure if you want to check out my professional information, you should take a look at my resume. It’s all right. It’ll tell you some things about me, professionally, as was suggested in the previous sentence. I’m kind of looking for any entry-level work in TV, film, new media or advertising, but I’ve been considering enlisting in Starfleet as well.

BUT, this page is for some things about me that are not on my resume. Like:

  • My top 10 TV shows!
  • My top 10 movies! (Coming soon!)
  • My top 5 books! (I’ve only read like ten I’d read again so this is something.) (<—Also coming soon!)
  • My top 5 YouTube videos! (Possibly the most difficult decisions to make.) (<——Coming less soon then the preveious two!)


My top 10 TV shows! Now with videos! And constantly being rearranged!

1. Dexter (Showtime, 2006 – present)
My Favorite Character: It’s a neck-and-neck tie: Dexter and Debra Morgan. I think the reasons I love Dexter are obvious to anyone who likes the show, but Debra Morgan is my #1 all-time favorite TV lady. It’s rare to find one who doesn’t completely sacrifice her femininity and sexuality to fit in with the dudes, but somehow Deb does it. I think her secret is her potty mouth, which only makes her more badass.


2. Sherlock (BBC One, 2010 – present)
My Favorite Character: It’s gotta be Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch does this guy right in my eyes for pretty much the first time ever. (Actually I think Downey did a pretty good job, but he’s got nothing on the Sherlock with a cell phone.)


3. Arrested Development (FOX, 2003 – 2006)
My Favorite Character: GOB Bluth. I take him seriously because he demands it.


4. Doctor Who (New Series: BBC One, 2005 – present)
My Favorite Character:
 The Tenth Doctor. There are lots of other great people on this show. All the Doctors are great. Almost all the companions are great. (There’s one I just want to punch. And then there’s Donna Noble, goddess supreme.) But Ten is just my ideal human being, which is weird because he’s not really one.


5. Twin Peaks (ABC, 1990 – 1991)
My Favorite Character
: …is obviously Dale Cooper. I mean who among us would pick anyone else? This guy is the cat’s pajamas. But Audrey Horne is pretty amazing, and I’m also a big fan of Dale Cooper’s superior, GORDON COLE. HE REMINDS ME OF A SMALL MEXICAN CHIHUAHUA.


6. Mad Men (AMC, 2007 – present)
Favorite Character:
 Pete Campbell. I’ve been told this is indefensible. I know it is because once I tried to defend him. But at least he’s good at his job.


7. Psych (USA, 2006 – present)
Favorite Character:
 Shawn Spencer. Burton Guster. I don’t know. They’re so great together. How can I pick one? It moves around. (Lassiter. The real answer is Lassiter.)


8. Game of Thrones (HBO, 2011 – present)
Favorite Character: 
Deceased. So now it’s Tyrion Lannister. Eventually I’ll read the books, and probably it’ll change (I think Daenerys Targaryen is pretty great), but it’s hard not to feel great affection for the guy who slapped Joffrey Baratheon across the face.


9. True Blood (HBO, 2008 – present)
Favorite Character:
Eric Northman and/or Sam Merlotte. It goes back and forth. Weirdly, I like Sam more when he is a bastard, and Eric less.


10. 30 Rock (NBC, 2006 – present)
Favorite Character:
 How can it be anybody but Liz Lemon, who is basically me if I had a cooler job?