Safe Haven

Soooo, here is the f8 vs. the world chat.

I bolded everything that f8 said because that seemed convenient.  It made it easier for me anyway.


Aug 24 17:16:47 * f8 (Mibbit@F436D8.312853.56AC44.0D1DAA) has joined #safehaven
Aug 24 17:16:49 <angelvstheworld> also, no being a jerk.
Aug 24 17:16:52 <Ghostbusttyler> oh crap
Aug 24 17:16:54 <Ghostbusttyler> hes here
Aug 24 17:16:56 <SIeeping_Princess> Welcome
Aug 24 17:16:56 <diablobrian> welcome f8
Aug 24 17:16:59 <ohshinyone> hi f8
Aug 24 17:17:00 <xmandax666> 😀
Aug 24 17:17:01 <numb47> welcome f8
Aug 24 17:17:07 <elros|work> Hey f8
Aug 24 17:17:08 <August> good afternoon f8
Aug 24 17:17:08 <f8> hello friends
Aug 24 17:17:09 <ohshinyone> would you prefer only one person asking the questions?
Aug 24 17:17:12 <Wouter> A little l8
Aug 24 17:17:13 <Seek3r> Hi F8
Aug 24 17:17:17 <ohshinyone> or do you want us to all just go at it?
Aug 24 17:17:21 <f8> you’re right, i was delyed
Aug 24 17:17:32 <Ghostbusttyler> We forgive you f8
Aug 24 17:17:34 <CyberPolice> Welcome
Aug 24 17:17:36 <August> no worries
Aug 24 17:17:36 <zerozerothree> …
Aug 24 17:17:49 <Wouter> chanterella:
Aug 24 17:17:52 <Wouter> oops
Aug 24 17:17:53 <f8> stuck in traffic… 🙂

Aug 24 17:17:57 <ohshinyone> haha
Aug 24 17:18:03 <ohshinyone> where are you today?
Aug 24 17:18:07 <CyberPolice> I shoudl have SEEN that!
Aug 24 17:18:09 <f8> you can ask as you choose
Aug 24 17:18:12 <CyberPolice> should*
Aug 24 17:18:20 <diablobrian> that sounds like the hand of fate at work
Aug 24 17:18:25 <crash> leave it to f8 to be l8
Aug 24 17:18:34 <August> jokes 🙂
Aug 24 17:18:38 <f8> nice catchphrase
Aug 24 17:18:50 <elros|work> F8 what are we missing? What do you want us to know? Who broke your heart?
Aug 24 17:18:58 <Angelus78gak> F8 I hope you didn’t take it person when I direct messaged you on twitter comparing you to a newsman
Aug 24 17:19:08 <f8> i can’t tell you what you’re missing
Aug 24 17:19:16 <ericastill> are we missing anything?
Aug 24 17:19:17 <diablobrian> So, how do you go about choosing individuals worth of your singular attention?
Aug 24 17:19:19 <ohshinyone> so f8, how have you been sleeping lately?
Aug 24 17:19:20 <CyberPolice> What are we overlooking?
Aug 24 17:19:21 <Seek3r> what can you tell us
Aug 24 17:19:22 <crash> what can u tell us
Aug 24 17:19:22 <Wouter> Are we on the right track, F8
Aug 24 17:19:25 <ohshinyone> okay
Aug 24 17:19:26 <f8> the path has already been opened
Aug 24 17:19:27 <f8> twice

Aug 24 17:19:29 <ohshinyone> hey f8 we’re gonna moderate this
Aug 24 17:19:30 <f8> once for one
Aug 24 17:19:33 <August> what does the infinity symbol really mean?
Aug 24 17:19:33 <f8> once for all
Aug 24 17:19:33 <ohshinyone> just to make it easier
Aug 24 17:19:35 <Ghostbusttyler> can you give us a hint to what we are missing?
Aug 24 17:19:44 <Ghostbusttyler> nvermind
Aug 24 17:19:48 <zerozerothree> Can the path be closed?
Aug 24 17:19:50 <Ghostbusttyler> Didn’t see that
Aug 24 17:20:05 <f8> you can choose not to go down the path
Aug 24 17:20:35 <f8> it would be a shame though. i had such a nice treat waiting for you

Aug 24 17:20:51 <ohshinyone> can we choose though, f8? i thought f8 is f8
Aug 24 17:21:08 <f8> nice one shiny
Aug 24 17:21:19 <ohshinyone> does the path begin on one of your websites?
Aug 24 17:21:54 <f8> the path began a long time ago
Aug 24 17:22:00 <Angelus78gak> some would say f8 is unavoidable and the idea of free will is an illusion
Aug 24 17:22:05 <f8> but the one i’m talking about right now
Aug 24 17:22:11 <f8> was only pointed to recently

Aug 24 17:22:17 <ohshinyone> who is electric girl?
Aug 24 17:22:21 <angelvstheworld> do you mean a literal path?
Aug 24 17:22:26 <angelvstheworld> as in, on a URL?
Aug 24 17:22:33 <f8> i will have to think of a different way to react if you find it
Aug 24 17:22:39 <f8> i admit i’m quite disapointed

Aug 24 17:22:48 <ohshinyone> who is electric girl?
Aug 24 17:23:02 <f8> but i stil believe you can find it, even though you didn’t quite make the deadline
Aug 24 17:23:23 <ohshinyone> does the path involve one specific victim?
Aug 24 17:23:24 <f8> electric girl… may be one of the reasons you haven’t found the path

Aug 24 17:23:37 <f8> you’ve stopped looking the right way

Aug 24 17:23:40 <angelvstheworld> are we getting hung up on her when we shouldn’t be?
Aug 24 17:24:01 <angelvstheworld> should we go back to focusing on Tyler? do you want him to be freed?
Aug 24 17:24:19 <f8> tyler…
Aug 24 17:24:31 <ohshinyone> sarah’s husband
Aug 24 17:24:51 <Angelus78gak> did you mean for the judges husband to take the blame for her death?
Aug 24 17:25:11 <f8> 🙂
Aug 24 17:25:18 <ohshinyone> when did you first become disappointed?
Aug 24 17:25:22 <f8> once i said the impatient end up as patients
Aug 24 17:25:27 <f8> i should not blame you
Aug 24 17:25:32 <f8> since i pomised answers
Aug 24 17:25:45 <f8> but for some, i don’t believe you will need help

Aug 24 17:25:50 <ohshinyone> is your next victim a surgeon?
Aug 24 17:26:11 <f8> my next victim…
Aug 24 17:26:26 <f8> i can’ imagine what you re talkin bout 🙂

Aug 24 17:26:36 <angelvstheworld> your next friend?
Aug 24 17:26:44 <ohshinyone> did you know heath wellmont?
Aug 24 17:26:52 <f8> there, the misspelling. mustn’t ruin a good track record
Aug 24 17:27:03 <f8> heath was friend, briefly

Aug 24 17:27:08 <ohshinyone> How long were you at Mentis?
Aug 24 17:27:10 <Angelus78gak> who was it you saw show up at the judges place, the person who’s expression you enjoyed so much?
Aug 24 17:27:11 <f8> i greatly enjoyed his acquaintance
Aug 24 17:27:17 <f8> probably more than he did mine

Aug 24 17:27:45 <f8> my next friend… may well be an old friend
Aug 24 17:27:48 <angelvstheworld> what did you learn from him?
Aug 24 17:27:58 <f8> i like to have many friends 🙂
Aug 24 17:28:16 <f8> sorry to disappoint, i never set foot in mentis

Aug 24 17:28:23 <angelvstheworld> that’s not disappointing
Aug 24 17:28:26 <ohshinyone> did you know Sarah Zeizel before that f8ful day?
Aug 24 17:28:28 <angelvstheworld> I guess that means you never ran into Judy
Aug 24 17:28:31 <angelvstheworld> consider it a blessing
Aug 24 17:28:49 <f8> so i’m told. she made a friend of mine cry

Aug 24 17:29:04 <ohshinyone> How did you know Heath?
Aug 24 17:29:08 <f8> angelus, refresh my memory
Aug 24 17:29:37 <f8> you can never fully know anyone.. but i knew more of sarah than she did of me

Aug 24 17:30:10 <ohshinyone> How did you know Heath?
Aug 24 17:30:28 <f8> same as i do many of my friends
Aug 24 17:30:51 <Angelus78gak> ah f8 the eyes play tricks on us, I think you meant to say that to angel
Aug 24 17:30:52 <ohshinyone> Did Heath hold the key to the path?
Aug 24 17:30:54 <f8> i seek out their friendship based on.. shared interests

Aug 24 17:31:16 <Angelus78gak> can you say if tyler and joe shared a past friendship?
Aug 24 17:31:26 <f8> i suppose you could say the same about how i know all of you
Aug 24 17:31:49 <f8> you see interesting connections

Aug 24 17:32:06 <Angelus78gak> life is a web of connections if seen at the right angle
Aug 24 17:32:13 <ohshinyone> are we missing something from the drawings or the garage pics?
Aug 24 17:32:13 <angelvstheworld> so, what are you protecting?
Aug 24 17:32:15 <f8> agreed
Aug 24 17:32:46 <f8> i can’t tell you to stop looking in one direction
Aug 24 17:32:54 <f8> i like seeing what you see

Aug 24 17:32:58 <angelvstheworld> but you can tell us if we’re hot or cold
Aug 24 17:33:05 <f8> but the path you’re missing is much more timly
Aug 24 17:33:08 <f8> timely

Aug 24 17:33:11 <ohshinyone> 🙂
Aug 24 17:33:27 <f8> i am not protecting anything

Aug 24 17:33:28 <angelvstheworld> I like timly better…
Aug 24 17:33:35 <angelvstheworld> so what is it that makes you tick?
Aug 24 17:33:36 <f8> enlightening, maybe
Aug 24 17:33:48 <ohshinyone> what was the jury for and will they be active again in the future?
Aug 24 17:33:51 <angelvstheworld> enlightening…the friends you meet in person? yourself? or us?
Aug 24 17:34:13 <f8> i wouldn’t say i tick much at all
Aug 24 17:34:23 <f8> i’m quite calm

Aug 24 17:34:26 <Angelus78gak> could you say if tyler and joe ever worked together?
Aug 24 17:34:45 <angelvstheworld> is it because you take so many relaxing baths?
Aug 24 17:35:16 <f8> i think you’re on to me, angel 🙂
Aug 24 17:35:28 <ohshinyone> f8, why infinity?
Aug 24 17:35:35 <angelvstheworld> well, a high-energy day can be murder
Aug 24 17:35:52 * Angelus78gak gives voice to goose
Aug 24 17:35:55 <f8> it has a lot of meaning to me
Aug 24 17:36:13 <f8> i think you are already starting to understand

Aug 24 17:36:22 <f8> but i’m the only one giving you the story
Aug 24 17:36:29 <f8> and that’s not fair, is it?

Aug 24 17:36:38 <ohshinyone> that’s true.
Aug 24 17:36:43 <ohshinyone> i won’t argue there 🙂
Aug 24 17:36:45 <angelvstheworld> who else would tell us the story?
Aug 24 17:36:59 <angelvstheworld> do you want us to be a part of it?
Aug 24 17:37:14 <f8> well… i’ll let you guys think about that fir a
Aug 24 17:37:22 <angelvstheworld> NO YOU DID NOT
Aug 24 17:37:30 <ohshinyone> did you just offer a sex date?!
Aug 24 17:37:36 <angelvstheworld> I think he’s never gonna give us up
Aug 24 17:37:37 <angelvstheworld> or let us down
Aug 24 17:37:41 <angelvstheworld> that’s a big promise to make, friendo
Aug 24 17:38:23 <ohshinyone> hey, f8, what are your thoughts on egyptian and greek mythology?
Aug 24 17:38:35 <angelvstheworld> hey, when you originally said we would chat at 5, did you intend to come here, or did we miss something?
Aug 24 17:38:38 <angelvstheworld> errr….hers first
Aug 24 17:38:56 <ohshinyone> lol thanks a lot there angel
Aug 24 17:39:00 <ohshinyone> always trying to steal my thunder
Aug 24 17:39:32 <f8> 🙂
Aug 24 17:39:32 <f8> i am leaving in a minute
Aug 24 17:39:32 <f8> would’ve really loved to hear the right question

Aug 24 17:39:39 <goose> are your previous victims connected in a way that we’re not seeing?
Aug 24 17:39:43 <ohshinyone> how do we know that you’re actually f8?
Aug 24 17:39:57 <angelvstheworld> I know; I’m like Thor
Aug 24 17:40:05 <ohshinyone> how about you just answer the right question w/out us asking it
Aug 24 17:40:06 <angelvstheworld> how can we help you?
Aug 24 17:40:09 <ohshinyone> then we can figure out what the question is
Aug 24 17:40:11 <goose> was Dee an old friend?
Aug 24 17:40:30 <ohshinyone> kind of like Jeopardy!
Aug 24 17:40:50 <angelvstheworld> we could do hangman
Aug 24 17:41:16 <goose> should we give up on connecting them?
Aug 24 17:41:43 <angelvstheworld> why Santos Jimenez? is it related to the Bay Harbor Butcher? I assume you know something about him…
Aug 24 17:42:28 <ohshinyone> why joe wellmont?
Aug 24 17:42:29 <f8> let’s see
Aug 24 17:42:40 <goose> Why Joe and Tyler…The Judge obviously wasn’t supposed to be a victim..
Aug 24 17:43:10 * f8s ( has joined #safehaven
Aug 24 17:43:17 <f8> you’ve noticed a lot of good connections.. between my friends
Aug 24 17:43:33 <f8> but you seem to be trying to compare me to someone else

Aug 24 17:43:39 <Royal_tilSIter> f8s, speak to us.
Aug 24 17:43:50 <angelvstheworld> I don’t ask to compare you
Aug 24 17:44:01 <goose> I ask to compare them…not you
Aug 24 17:44:02 <f8> i have a feeling that’s what’s keeping you from noticing the thread

Aug 24 17:44:15 <angelvstheworld> how do you mean?
Aug 24 17:44:53 <ohshinyone> okay
Aug 24 17:44:57 <ohshinyone> which one of you are real
Aug 24 17:45:00 <ohshinyone> f8 or f8s?
Aug 24 17:45:07 <f8s> f8
Aug 24 17:45:08 <Royal_tilSIter> f8s, where are you speaking to us from?
Aug 24 17:45:34 <ohshinyone> do you see yourself as doing vigilante justice?
Aug 24 17:45:35 * f8s has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Aug 24 17:45:36 <ohshinyone> f8 that is
Aug 24 17:45:38 <f8> hello f8s…. copycat?
Aug 24 17:45:46 <f8> and goodbye, i guess 🙂
Aug 24 17:45:48 <angelvstheworld> multiple copycats, apparently
Aug 24 17:45:50 <ohshinyone> no!
Aug 24 17:45:52 <ohshinyone> please one more?
Aug 24 17:45:56 <f8> i think i will make my exit as well

Aug 24 17:45:57 <angelvstheworld> goodbye f8s, I think he meant
Aug 24 17:46:00 <goose> NO
Aug 24 17:46:03 <ohshinyone> who is your higher power?
Aug 24 17:46:03 <goose> no, no no!
Aug 24 17:46:08 <f8> it’s been fun

Aug 24 17:46:12 <angelvstheworld> what can we do to help you?
Aug 24 17:46:15 <f8> maybe we’ll do this again sometime
Aug 24 17:46:21 <f8> but like i said

Aug 24 17:46:28 <ohshinyone> who is your higher power?
Aug 24 17:46:30 <f8> you’ve still missed the path
Aug 24 17:46:36 <f8> and i will be waiting for the right question

Aug 24 17:46:42 <ohshinyone> wow. thanks for all the help f8
Aug 24 17:46:48 <goose> F8, you talk about losing control, and give up to the higher power
Aug 24 17:46:49 <angelvstheworld> is this the path?
Aug 24 17:46:53 <f8> more instructions to come on twitter…

Aug 24 17:46:55 <goose> which higher power?
Aug 24 17:47:21 <ohshinyone> what if we get tired of following instructions especially if they never lead anywhere?
Aug 24 17:47:33 <goose> you have been a big let down -_-
Aug 24 17:47:48 <angelvstheworld> guys, this is my BFF F8 you’re talking about
Aug 24 17:47:57 <ohshinyone> yea well he gave us nothin’
Aug 24 17:47:58 <angelvstheworld> I thought we agreed
Aug 24 17:48:06 <ohshinyone> judy at least gave me heath’s stuff
Aug 24 17:48:06 <f8> what you choose to follow
Aug 24 17:48:09 <goose> he came to tease us
Aug 24 17:48:12 <goose> that’s it
Aug 24 17:48:17 <f8> is your call
Aug 24 17:48:29 <angelvstheworld> speaking of calls
Aug 24 17:48:41 <angelvstheworld> you should set up your own tipline
Aug 24 17:48:43 <f8> but if you blame me for your own failure… well. that doesn’t make me think very highly of you

Aug 24 17:48:45 <ohshinyone> amen to that
Aug 24 17:48:48 <ohshinyone> nah
Aug 24 17:48:54 <ohshinyone> i would never blame someone else for it
Aug 24 17:48:58 <f8> hahahaha
Aug 24 17:49:00 <ohshinyone> i’m just not good at solving puzzles 😦
Aug 24 17:49:03 <f8> bye bye friends
Aug 24 17:49:09 <goose> what failure? failure to see what the hell is in front of us?
Aug 24 17:49:10 <angelvstheworld> sweet dreams
Aug 24 17:49:10 <f8> this really, really has been fun

Aug 24 17:49:10 <ohshinyone> sorry we disappointed you f8
Aug 24 17:49:15 <angelvstheworld> we’ll get it
Aug 24 17:49:17 * f8 has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)