F8: A Dexter ARG Timeline

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of the dearly departed Dexter alternate reality game, which still gains me more hits than any other section on my website, which, as you can imagine, is excellent for my self-esteem. The game runneth (ranneth? runneth) between Friday, July 23 of Comic-Con 2010 and a rainy (somewhere) Friday, September 24. For the curious, the game was run by Modernista! (which has dissolved…though in my brain they’re going to pop up again as Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) commissioned by Showtime, who giveth and who taketh away. Pretty much determined to acquire a fake serial killer as a BFF (for a change!), I was writing all of this down on a website, but then I remembered it was 2011. A couple of notes: If, by any chance, you are Michael C. Hall, here’s my contact page. Facebook me! We can be BFFs. Also, hello to anybody enrolled in the TV crime drama course at the U of A. Did I just creep you out? It’s probably because I’m standing outside your window.


7/23/2010: Friday

The San Diego Kill Room opens near Comic-Con: 343 4th. Ave.

  • Posters/business cards at the website lead to Dee Pratt, ex-FBI Agent’s website SerialHuntress.com, which focuses on “crowdsourcing” to solve serial murder cases. Alternatively, one can call her tip line: (877) 67-ENDIT.


Welcome to Serial Huntress. That’s me, but you can call me Dee if the nickname scares you. So, Serial Huntress. Basically, the concept is this: me, finding serial killers, in a completely new manner than it’s ever been done before.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going all vigilante and taking matters into my own hands. It’s actually the complete opposite. I’m coming up with a new system, and I’m calling it “crowdsourced crime solving.” I’m gonna share all of my cases with you with as much evidence as I can get clearance for without putting anybody in harm’s way.

You can see everything on the site, SerialHuntress.com. The latest investigation is tracked on the blog, complete with weekly video briefings from me, and all of the evidence and information is filed under the “dossier” tab, so you can keep track of the case no matter where you’ve been.

If you have something to contribute, you can post to the forum. Post your thoughts, post your videos, post your photos, post your links, post anything that you think might be relevant to the case.

That’s it. Welcome to Justice By All.

  • One mirror has an “Infinity” sign painted on it in the same blood, leading to the moniker “Infinity Killer.”
  • Letters in the mirrors (in blood) spell out “Sleep Superbly,” which leads to SleepSuperbly.com.
    • “Premium Membership” at Sleep Superbly leads to the first dream session (posted 7/23/2010) of user F8.

Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #1

IRIS: Welcome to your first full session, F8. How have you been sleeping this week?

F8: Iris! I…would actually say that I’ve had some…comical dreams this weak.

IRIS: How nice.

F8: As a matter of fact, just the other night I dreamt about making a new friend. He was a funny character…a little but rude, though; he…refused to introduce himself. As a matter of fact, by the end of the dream, he refused to talk to me at all, he just…sat in his chair, not moving. I wonder what that means?

IRIS: Try consulting the DreamDeep iPhone App. It might mean you should meet new people.

F8: Yeah, you’re…you’re probably right. In fact, I’m making an effort even as we speak.

IRIS: Good.

F8: Still, it was a good dream. Much better than the other dreams I’ve had, like losing my teeth, ah…I remember that vividly, they just fell out all of a sudden.

IRIS: How did that make you feel?

F8: Well…it was strange. It was kinda like being an old man and a child at the same time.

IRIS: You would be surprised how common of a dream it is. Not a good sign, though.

F8: No, that’s what they say, right, it’s never good to have a dream about losing your teeth or breaking mirrors.

IRIS: Never. Well F8, that’ll be all for today. See you again next week.

  • Reflection in F8’s glasses leads to Twitter: @urnameurlife.
    • @urnameurlife requests that followers solve a riddle, saying he will post seven clues: one every eight hours. The clues are, chronologically:
      1. Of the 3, I am the last #whoami
      2. Forester sent me to Gibraltar #whoami
      3. I am the ancient with a tangled skein #whoami
      4. I choose not who, or when, but how #whoami
      5. Through me comes man’s most superb sleep #whoami
      6. Not by spindle, nor rod, but by shears do I work #whoami
      7. I am the inexorable, the inevitable, the unturning #whoami
  • Solving @urnameurlife’s riddle (the answer being “Atropos,” the third fate: Death) means he will send you a direct message with a link to your “treat,” (http://drop.io/yourtreat) (mirror) which appears to be an audio recording of his kill. [See the video above to hear the recording with footage of the Kill Room.]
  • Transcript: atropos.m4a

    [a beeping, drilling sound; victim (presumably) groaning]

    Oh dear. I think you might be missing a few…pieces. If it’s any consolation, it makes you an even more exciting puzzle. I know, I kn–I know that you would love to tell the tale, but the tale will be told. Rest assured. Even the tale that you spent so many years keeping quiet. You–you play it well. Remarkably, even. There are so many eyes on you, but, all with hands tied behind their backs. And now your hands are tied. The hands that held the lives of so many are going to give away your little secret.

    Now I admit, I admit, I enjoy the irony–just look at how much effort I put into our little meeting. I only have so few left I…I have to take my time.

    If you’re trying to tell me how you’ve never killed anyone, don’t bother. It’s all semantics to me. You felt the thrill, bought into the illusion of being the puppet master, pulling the strings–well, friend…your string’s about to get cut.

    [a scream; end of tape]


7/24/2010: Saturday

Sleep Superbly sleep masks are handed out near the San Diego Convention Center.


7/25/2010: Sunday

San Diego Kill Room closes.


7/27/2010: Tuesday

Serial Huntress: First Briefing; Updates to Dossier (Victim C)


Hey guys. Thanks for joining us again this week. We’ve had an interesting turn of events. An old colleague of mine has asked me to consult on this case and, I gotta say, I’ve seen some shit in my time but this one even has me surprised.

So a few days ago, the police discovered a body in San Diego. The thing is, there’s no way to ID this guy. I’m talking some seriously crazy shit here. Face was mutilated, teeth were pulled out, fingertips were pulled out–this was some nasty shit.

Strangest part is, the guy had strapped him into an old dentist’s chair in a room surrounded by mirrors–it was almost like he was forced to watch himself being tortured. I mean that’s just wrong. We also found these letters scattered throughout the scene, and what appears to be an eight or an infinity symbol, but here’s what really interests me–police also found these cuts on the victim’s fingers.

So here’s the deal. I’m not sure what the hell this means, but obviously the killer wanted us to find this. Could be that he’s just trying to fuck with us. I dunno. But maybe he’s trying to communicate. That’s where you come in. I need as many eyes on this as I can possibly get. What does this mean? What am I not seeing? This is it. This is what Justice By All is all about.

If you learn anything, post it on the forum, and be sure to check our blog for updates. Otherwise, happy hunting.


7/28/2010: Wednesday

The notches in the victim’s fingers lead to a phone number: (618) 494-6117 [voicemail password: 6117]. It belongs to one Boris Gouza of Illinois.

(Ganked from SerialHuntress.com Dossier) (Ganked from SerialHuntress.com Dossier)

  • Boris Gouza’s voicemails, summarized (in which we learn that his identity has been stolen):
    • Some guy called Dave, just asking if everything’s all right.
    • Some guy called Pete, updating Boris on deets about his identity theft, and that the police don’t have any real leads but at least they’ve opened a case, and discussing a statement from the Department of Justice.
    • Someone called Kim, from Welder’s Bank? I’m not sure this is exactly what it is, because my phone service sucks. She’s basically a collector, stating he owes them $2,327.42. Hooray!
    • Some anonymous guy who clearly expects Boris to recognize his voice. He offers any help at all but never his name, so like I said, this guy must be close to Boris.
    • And last, but I guess not least, a girl, also with no name, who says she had a nice time the other night, was thinking about Boris, and hopes he’ll call her back.
    • A Google search of “Boris Gouza” leads to his blog, which has not been updated since 3/15/2009 [ETA: updated on 8/5/2010]: http://unpersonated.blogspot.com. (Of note is the fact Infinity’s second victim was killed in late 2009 in Illinois.)
      • This entry details the one solid piece of evidence Gouza seems to have scrounged up about his identity thief: the man in question attempted to buy a used car in Seattle in early 2009, at a place called Messua Used Auto, which has since gone out of business.
      • E-mailing Theo Messua, proprietor of what used to be Messua Used Auto at the address provided on his website (theo.messua@yahoo.com) leads to the following thread, revealing the identity thief as someone called Matthiew Clarke:

    FROM: angelnorelation (hell yeah, that’s me!)
    TO: theo.messua@yahoo.com

    SUBJECT: Previous owners for your Craigslist cars?

    So I was checking out your stuff on Craigslist. I heard from this guy I know that somebody trying to steal his identity tried to buy a car from you but you sent him packing in March of last year. I think that’s good–that you called this guy on his BS, I mean. Or maybe it was just that the credit card company flagged him. Whatever the case, not everyone would’ve done that, I don’t think…not in today’s economy.

    Anyway so I was wondering if you could tell me about the previous owners and mechanics for the two vehicles you have listed on Craigslist:


    Also since I’m here, and since I know this guy I told you about and am kind of concerned, do you happen to remember anything about this guy you turned away? Like I said, it was in March of 2009, or maybe late February. I’m not sure what he tried to buy.

    Anyway, thanks!


    FROM: theo.messua@yahoo.com
    TO: angelnorelation (still me)

    SUBJECT: RE: Previous owners for your Craigslist cars?


    Thank you for reading my ad. I’d be happy to provide you with the information if you could specify which vehicle you’d like to know more about.

    In terms of your other question, I generally don’t give out that type of information to customers that I haven’t done business with previously, but since you know him I will share. So basically, this guy came to the dealership and tried to purchase a car under the name Boris Gouza. He even had an ID and a credit card in that name, but when my sales associate ran his information through our system, the card got flagged. When my associate told him the card had been rejected, the guy left immediately in a huff. Due to his abrupt exit, we later checked our security tapes and got his license plate number. We passed it on to the police, and they informed us that the car belonged to a Matthiew Clarke. Interestingly enough the address associated with him was to an abandoned lot. The police eventually dropped the investigation, as the name did not come up again. I hope this information is of use to you.

    Theo Messua


    FROM: angelnorelation
    TO: theo.messua@yahoo.com

    SUBJECT: RE: Previous owners for your Craigslist cars?

    Hi again!

    Thanks for the information. It does help. Because I’m curious, where was the abandoned lot? Do you remember the address? I tried to find some stuff about this Clarke guy but he’s kind of a ghost with a common name. I can see why the police ditched the case. Still, I’m kind of concerned about Boris…it’s been a while since I could find anybody who’s heard from him and I know he was going through some trouble. Because of his credit problems the PI who was on his case dropped it, even, so it’s kind of left him with nobody to look after him. It’s a shame. I’m not even sure where this Clarke fellow is from, since Boris isn’t from Seattle.

    But as it happens, I’m also looking for a car. Is there anything particularly interesting about either of those cars that I’d need to know, or are they filled with long and boring histories of little old ladies driving to the mall?

    Sorry I’m hitting you with so many questions. I guess I’m just trying to cover my bases.

    Thanks again for your response!


    FROM: theo.messua@yahoo.com
    TO: angelnorelation
    SUBJECT: RE: Previous owners for your Craigslist cars?


    I’m sorry, but I’ve told you everything I know about that situation. And I’m sorry to hear about your friend, I hope everything is okay.

    In terms of the cars, they’re the last of my inventory as my dealership is unfortunately shutting its doors. They have a lot of miles on them, but they’re great American cars.

    I wish I could help more.

    Theo Messua

7/29/2010: Thursday

Serial Huntress confirms in her blog that the San Diego victim’s identity is the identity thief himself, Matthiew Clarke.



  • DOB: On or before 7/21/1976
  • Death: 7/21/2010
  • Aged: 34
  • Circumstances: Murder: exsanguination; body left bound to a dentist’s chair at crime scene surrounded by mirrors; identifying features (fingertips, teeth) removed
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Signature:


7/30/2010: Friday

F8’s second SleepSuperbly.com therapy session goes live, revealing Twitter: @whocontrolsyou and then, ControlAddicts.com…which later leads to audio of another kill.

Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #2

IRIS: Welcome to your second session, F8. How have you been sleeping this week?

F8: Well hi, Iris, it’s nice to see you again. This week has been just excellent. And you were right about my dream last week, you know. I did need to meet new people. And I met some great ones. The, the first to approach me was this guy…he calls himself “diablobrian,” but he’s no devil as far as he can tell, and, and then this girl–at least I think it was a girl, you can never be sure online–she goes by “angelnorelation”–I mean how f–how funny is that? Diablo and Angel. It must’ve been fate for us to meet.

IRIS: I would not go that far, but it’s good to listen to your dreams.

F8: Well, regardless, I’ve…I’ve made a lot of friends this week, so, it’s been fun. Trouble is, I’ve, uh, been so excited about it that I haven’t been able to sleep that much. You know maybe part of the problem is how much coffee I’ve been drinking, it’s, uh, it’s really been out of hand.

IRIS: That would be problematic.

F8: I mean I know I should try to control that, but, it’s a funny thing, addiction. You really can get stuck.

IRIS: Yes. Coffee abuse can be very destructive to a superb sleep.

F8: Well, I’ll make it a point to re-evaluate my lifestyle, uh…thanks for all your help, Iris.

IRIS: You are welcome, F8. Until next time.

F8: Buh-bye.

  • @urnameurlife tweets a final, cryptic farewell: “well my friends, it’s been a fun week. for those who solved the riddle, hope you enjoyed your treats. i commend your sharp minds, and am always impressed by your speed. the riddle has been solved, not all questions have been answered. but i trust you enjoy piecing things together. perhaps we will meet again, under different circumstances.”
  • ControlAddicts.com presents an 8-step program to overcome a “psychological addiction” to control. “To take the first step,” says the website, “you must pledge to go through the program without knowing the steps.” To do so, Twitter users must tweet their pledges to @whocontrolsyou using the hashtag #ctrlpledge. After committing, @whocontrolsyou direct messages you each step upon completion of the previous one (but only from 9 AM to 7 PM EST). They are:
  1. Follow @whocontrolsyou, and tweet your pledge to @whocontrolsyou with the hashtag #ctrlpledge.
  2. Admit that you are powerless over your control addiction. Tweet this to your followers with the hashtag #ctrladdict
  3. When is the last time you were fully in control of your life? Reply to @whocontrolsyou in a tweet tagged #ctrllife
    1. It should be noted, to this particular step, there seems to be a trick: to succeed, you must admit that you were never fully in control of your life.
  4. Inventory what you thought you had control over. Photograph your list. Tweet the image to @whocontrolsyou tagged #ctrllist
  5. Now burn that list, and send a picture of the ashes to @whocontrolsyou tagged #ctrlburn.
  6. This step is to make amends. Create an apologetic someecard & tweet it to a friend you tried to control tagged #ctrlsorry
  7. Film you doing what a stranger tells you, not obscene, illegal or harmful. Tweet it to @whocontrolsyou tagged #ctrlless
  8. You are almost cleansed. Last step: submit to the control of a higher power. Tweet that power to @whocontrolsyou #ctrlfree
  • Upon completion of the eight steps (an accomplishment I don’t believe anyone managed before Saturday), @whocontrolsyou sends the message: “congratulations. You have completed the www.controladdicts.com/free 8-step program. Enjoy a life outside your control.”
    • The secret to the above URL is in clicking “view source.” There, one can see the URL to a new audio file hidden in the site’s code: http://drop.io/powertrip (mirror). The audio appears to be from another victim, now presumed to be Victim A (Santos Jimenez).

    Transcript: laststep.mp3

    [some kind of quiet groaning and unintelligible muttering–presumably the victim]

    There. Isn’t that better? You were getting a little bit agitated. Now this won’t hurt a bit…I wonder if you’re having some form of revelation on this ultimate high of yours. I hope you are–it’s a bitter taste, I’m sure, but you should feel a little bit wiser, a little bit more…humble. You had your time at the top of the food chain, but as you can tell, arrogance can really eat you up.

    One more quick sting…almost done! Wow, you’ve…been a real treat. I admit, I doubted myself for a second because you were so hard to get to, BUT, that’s also why you were the logical next step.

    One last pinch…you won’t feel a thing. I’m sure of it.

    [End of tape]


    8/03/2010: Tuesday

    Serial Huntress: Second Briefing; Updates to Dossier (Victim A)


    Hey guys, welcome back.

    First things first: I’m fighting a nasty virus this week. I don’t know what it is, but I’m working from home, so, welcome to my humble abode. If my doctor knew this, he’d have my ass. I feel like shit. Different story. Couldn’t let that stop me from bringing you the latest information, so, onto business.

    So I mentioned last week that there are past cases which we believe are linked to the Infinity Killer. I was going through some of these, something interesting happened. One of these murders happened in Miami in November of ’08. Apparently the police down there were tracking this big time drug dealer named Santos Jimenez. They found his body with eight syringes stuck into it. He died of a massive heroin overdose, but curiously, he was also gagged with this 8 ball concoction, which we believe is meant to be his infinity symbol signature.

    So, anyway, as I’m trying to get information out of the local police, this guy contacts me, says he’s the victim’s lawyer, and he tells me that Santos actually had some corrupt police working for him, and as an insurance policy, the man had bugged his own house so that he could record any incriminating conversations, you know, in case things ever got too hot.

    Get this: the lawyer actually had possession of those audio files. The man had never given to the police because, I guess he figured they would just destroy them anyway. Well guess what? Now I have them. It was recording on the day of the murder.

    So this just came through today. I haven’t even had a chance to listen to it yet. I’m gonna check it out, but honestly, I’ve had a fever of 102 for three days, and I’m probably gonna miss some stuff, so I need you guys to step it up here; you did some fantastic work last week, and I expect you to keep it up.

    I need you to listen for anything, ANYTHING that might help us. This is completely unexplored territory here. If you find anything, post it onto the forum. Let other people know. Together we can figure this out. I’m gonna need all the help I can get this week, okay? Thank you. Happy hunting.

    Oh. You guys have any good home remedies for the flu? Bring ’em.



    • Does the name “Santos Jimenez” sound familiar to you? Because it should. Santos Jimenez is a victim of none other than Miami’s own Bay Harbor Butcher, probably because the BHB was kind of pissed off at the guy who chainsawed his mom to death.However, this “Santos Jimenez” is listed on Serial Huntress’ Dossier as having been murdered in 2008 at the age of 36 in Miami. In the briefing above, she describes the cause of his death as a forced drug overdose (heroin), leaving the body entirely in tact. This is as opposed to the BHB’s Santos Jimenez, who was dismembered with a chainsaw in 2007 at the age of 57. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that they are not the same person. How are they related? Coincidence? Blood? After all, the elder Santos Jimenez entered WITSEC shortly after the birth of the younger Jimenez.I have compiled the following facts about each Santos Jimenez:


      • Bay Harbor Butcher’s Santos Jimenez (Original Gangsta):
        • DOB: On or before 4/11/1950
        • Death: 4/11/2007 (11:43 p.m.)
        • Aged: 57
        • Circumstances: Murder: dismemberment (chainsaw); body disposed of in Gulf Stream
        • Location: Everglades, FL
        • Ex-drug-dealer-come-barkeep
        • Killed Laura Moser, 10/3/1973
        • Entered Witness Protection shortly thereafter in 1973 (but after 34 years became lax and left a business forwarding address in his police file)

      • Infinity Killer’s Santos Jimenez (Victim A):
        • DOB: On or before 10/25/1972
        • Death: 10/25/2008
        • Aged: 36
        • Circumstances: Murder: forced heroin overdose (eight syringes used); body left tied to dining table; mouth gagged with 8-ball
        • Location: Miami, FL
        • Signature:

        • A known heroin dealer
        • Working with corrupt police–had his house bugged (and his lawyer in on it)


    8/4/2010: Wednesday

    Serial Huntress posts two audio files from the bugs in Santos Jimenez’ house.

    Transcript: First Audio File (10/25/2008)

    [“SJ” = Santos Jimenez]


    SJ: Come in.

    GUY: Thank you. This won’t take too long.

    SJ: You understand my situation?

    GUY: We understand that you’ve got a product moving next week. Here’s the thing: port’s getting pretty hot, but we got a guard working for us. As long as your guys show up between 11 and midnight, we’ll make sure the law stays off your back as long as the price is right.

    SJ: You know you’ll be taken care of.

    GUY: All right. You set up a safe house for merchandise. Just let us do our thing and everything should run smoothly.

    SJ: I don’t want any surprises.

    GUY: Nah, I mean there’s some rumors floating around the department; people know something’s going down–they don’t have any details, so you should be good. Just have your guys there at 11. We’ll take care of the rest.

    SJ: Just so you know, man, I take care of those who come through for me.

    GUY: Okay, we’re on it.

    SJ: Okay, man. Thank you.


    Transcript: Second Audio File (10/25/2008)

    SJ: Jimenez. Santos…Jimenez. Ji-men-ez. Yes, that’s right. I’d like to report a problem with my system. Uh, yes, I’ll hold.


    SJ: What do you need?

    GUY: You have a moment?

    SJ: Hold on a sec. Hello? Yes. I’m calling ’cause my security system is acting kinda weird. I dunno. It’s some kind of error. It’s a bunch of zeroes and ones. Mmm…yes. I’m sitting here looking at my monitor right now. I can take a screen grab for the technician so he can see himself. Ummm, nah, it’s gotta be sooner than that. This afternoon? Yeah, that works. Can you send Regis? Ummm, Regis, ummmm, Bisinha. B-i-s-i-n-h-a. Yeah, that’s him. Okay, thank you. Idiots! Okay, what can I do for you?

    GUY: We got a problem.

    SJ: What kind of problem?

    GUY: Ummm…all right, one of your guys got arrested this morning. They were already tailing him and I guess he had a brick under his seat, so they’re questioning him right now. I’m not sure what’s happening in the room, but, you know, they might try to squeeze him. Does he know anything?

    SJ: Mmmm…just make sure he’s taken care of it.

    GUY: All right. We’ll deal with it.

    SJ: Okay.

    [end of tape]


    • Searching for Regis Bisinha reveals a number of trails:
      • A Facebook page, which reveals that he is a Brazilian from Santos, Sao Paulo, and his e-mail address as regisbisinha@yahoo.com.
      • Sending an e-mail to regisbisinha@yahoo.com elicits this autoresponse:

        Hello, I am traveling and can not always find internet cafe. It is possible that I do not respond fast. Friends, follow my travels on globalnomada.wordpress.com

      • globalnomada.wordpress.com is travel diary , which is basically a photo album of the many places he’s been. Most notably, it includes photos from his most recent travels–which we see from the photos is Hong Kong–along with a photograph of his cell phone and his phone number:

        Regis Bisinha's first phone number (8197 5086)

      • Calling the number with the Hong Kong country code, 825 8197 5086 leads to an outgoing voicemail message that asks you to leave your e-mail address and he’ll try to get back to you that way.
      • Last, but not least, there is a Muamat classified ad posted by Regis Bisinha, who is searching for a place to stay in Brisbane while he’s there for a couple of weeks in October. He can, in case you were wondering, pay in cash.


    8/5/2010: Thursday

    Regis Bisinha responds to messages and changes his phone number; Boris Gouza updates his blog.

    • Boris Gouza’s first blog update since 2009 tells of an e-mail he received from Serial Huntress (or someone affiliated with her, though presumably it was actually her), expressing perturbation at the death of his identity theft but relief at the closure. Pretty much this just confirms that he is not only not Victim B from Illinois, but he’s not dead at all. Hooray, I guess.
    • The photograph of Bisinha’s phone with his phone number on the display changes. Calling the new number (825 8174 5967) with a Hong Kong country code just rings off the hook:

    • And now, a revealing e-mail thread between Regis Bisinha and user degravedi:

    FROM: regisbisinha@yahoo.com
    TO: degravedi

    SUBJECT: ???

    How did you get my number? How do you know me? Why are you asking about Santos?


    FROM: degravedi
    TO: regisbisnha@yahoo.com

    SUBJECT: RE: ???

    I do apologize. I know this is a little strange. I heard your name from Santos and found you through your blog. I’m sorry to inform you of this, since I don’t know if you were close, but Santos Jimenez has been murdered. I’ve come under the impression that you may have been working for his home security company at the time. You may have gone out to his house for a problem concerning his security system? If there’s anything you can remember, anything at all, it may be incredibly helpful in bringing the person who did this to justice.

    Either way, thank you for contacting me. I do hope to hear from you again.



    FROM: regisbisinha@yahoo.com
    TO: degravedi

    SUBJECT: RE: ???

    Many people have called me about this. One person said he was with the police. Are you with the police?


    FROM: degravedi
    TO: regisbisnha@yahoo.com

    SUBJECT: RE: ???

    No, that I am not. But I have been assisting a watchdog community in tracking this specific killer. Unfortunately, Mr. Jimenez is not his only victim, and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop any time soon.

    Just to be clear, I am aware of what Mr. Jimenez’s true business was. I’m not concerned with that. If you have some reservations with speaking to me about this because I am not associated with the law, then I do urge you to please contact the Miami Police. On the other hand, if for some reason you have some reservations specifically with speaking to the police, there’s no reason they need to know where this information came from.



    FROM: regisbisinha@yahoo.com
    TO: degravedi

    SUBJECT: RE: ???

    Ok, I tell you what I know. In Miami, I was working for a security business. I was sent often to the home of Mr. Jimenez. He was nice to me, but I did not know him well.

    Last time I go there a man attacke me from the back of my van, and choke me until I passed out. Later I wake up in the back of my van and my uniform shirt was away. I did not see much of the man, only for quickly in the rearview mirror. He was big, I think tall, with brow hair and light marron eyes, and white.

    Santos was a good man. I am sad that he is now gone, but I could not tell the police because I was not legal for work. I am very sorry, but I did not want to be sent away. I hope you find your person.


    FROM: degravedi
    TO: regisbisnha@yahoo.com

    SUBJECT: RE: ???

    Thank you so much for talking to me, Regis. I assure you, no one wants to get you in trouble. I’m also sorry for what happened to you, that must have been very scary. I have just a few more questions if I may, then I promise I’ll leave you alone.

    One, do you feel comfortable telling me the name of the company? If the killer still has your work shirt, it might be of use.

    And two, I’m looking for an error report from Mr. Jimenez’s security system that he may have sent to one of the technicians. It may have looked like gibberish, a bunch of zeros and ones. Would you happen to be the technician he sent that to? Or do you know someone else that might have received it?



    FROM: regisbisinha@yahoo.com
    TO: degravedi

    SUBJECT: RE: ???

    I am sorry, I was sent to fix it, but I have told you what I know.


    8/6/2010: Friday

    F8’s third SleepSuperbly.com therapy session goes live, revealing Twitter: @semperf8; Serial Huntress updates her blog with the screen grab Santos Jimenez spoke of in audio file #2–the error message (in binary) on his security system panel.

    Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #3

    IRIS: Welcome to your third session, F8. How did you sleep this week?

    F8: Hey there. I’ve been, uh…been pretty good overall. My new friends had me all tied up this week, but it was good. I think we’re starting to see eye-to-eye. I also managed to keep quite the regimented schedule and it really helped my sleep.

    IRIS: Very good. I am happy to hear that.

    F8: Yeah, now it’s just my dreams I’m worried about. They’ve been a little, huh…off. The other night, I remember hearing an owl in my dream and it really stayed with me when I woke up. I dunno, I wonder if it’s because I’ve been dwelling on my past lately…I really should focus on the now.

    IRIS: Is there something in your past that troubles you?

    F8: No. No, I wouldn’t say that. It’s just part of me. But don’t be too concerned; I have a feeling I’m gonna feel much better the next time we speak.

    IRIS: Good. Positivity is important to dream optimization.

    F8: I see. Well…I’ll give it my best shot.

    IRIS: See you next week.

    [F8 salutes; end of tape]

    • Morse Code blinking on the television in the background of F8’s session reveals the phrase “semperf8,” leading to the aforementioned Twitter account, @semperf8. The only tweet present reads:


    • Obviously in the military alphabet, this spells out “KRJ/HOJKMK/NIP.” Decrypting it as a substitution cipher (despite one spelling error) reveals the word “onomatopoeic.” (With the spelling error it would be “onomatopoeic,” which I will admit, is kind of bizarre. It could be wrong.)
    • It turns out this may be in reference to the file name of @semperf8’s avatar: Cha_A-Kha_Tsah-As-Zih_Wol-La-Chee_Gah_Be_Dibe-Yazzie_Dzeh_Tsah-As-Zih.PNG

    • The image is none other than the Navajo Code Talkers insignia. These Code Talkers were vital in United States WWII cryptology. The relative international obscurity of the Navajo language made it a simple way to point-blank spell out radio messages to each other phonetically, knowing that most people would be unable to translate. Nowadays, however, thanks to the internet, it turns out it’s pretty easy. The file name ends up spelling out H-O-Y-A-R-D-L-E-Y, an historically well-known cryptologist.
    • This leads to hoyardley.com, which displays one Morse Coded paragraph scrolling over and over across the page, with one word highlighted in red: “ -.. -.– -. .- — .. – .” or in plain English, “dynamite.”
    • .. -.- -. — .– — -.– ..-. .- – . — -. . -.. .- -.– – …. . .-. . .– .. .-.. .-.. -… . .- … … — -.-. .. .- – . -.. .– .. – …. — -.– -. .- — . … — — . – .. -. –. ..-. .-. .. –. …. – ..-. ..- .-.. — ..-. .- -.-. .-. .. … .. … .-.. .. -.- . -. — — – …. . .-. -… . ..-. — .-. . — -. . .- .-. – …. – …. . .–. .-. — ..-. — ..- -. -.. . … – -.-. — .-.. .-.. .. … .. — -. — ..-. -.-. — -. … -.-. .. . -. -.-. . — .-. .- -.. . -.-. .. … .. — -. . …- — -.- . -.. .- –. .- .. -. … – . …- . .-. -.– – …. .. -. –. – …. .- – ..- -. – .. .-.. – …. . -. …. .- -.. -… . . -. -… . .-.. .. . …- . -.. .. -. -.. . — .- -. -.. . -.. … .- -. -.-. – .. ..-. .. . -.. .. .- — -. — – .- — .- -. .. .- — -.. -.– -. .- — .. – .

    • The entire code translated into English reads out a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche:
    • I know my fate. One day there will be associated with my name the recollection of something frightful — of a crisis like no other before on earth, of the profoundest collision of conscience, of a decision evoked against everything that until then had been believed in, demanded, sanctified. I am not a man I am dynamite.

    • Also of note, it would appear that in the source coding for the java powering the scrolling morse code, the word “dynamite” is enclosed in the code ‘strong class=”C2H5NO33“.’ It should be noted that this is not mere HTML or java; C2H5NO33 is the molecular formula for nitroglycerin, one of the key ingredients in dynamite (the other being Silica, SiO2).
    • In other news, as mentioned above, Dee updated her blog to bring us back to Santos Jimenez, showing us a photo of the error that his security system control panel was displaying when he called the company for technical support (and asked them to send out Regis Bisinha). Here it is:
    • Despite an error in the binary somewhere near the middle, it was finally established that, translated to plain English, the code read:
    • This is the part where you take my bait and call a technician, then I intercept him, take his uniform, come to your place, you unsuspectingly let me in, and your f8 becomes sealed.


    8/10/2010: Tuesday

    Serial Huntress: third briefing; updates to dossier for Victim B. New Promise Harbor is discovered.


    Hey guys, welcome back. I’m feeling much better this week. Degravedi, that lacto remedy worked like a charm. Thank you.

    All right. Here we go: as detectives, we obviously have to keep our minds open about this case and consider all possible avenues, but I have to say, after reviewing the past two victims–an identity thief and a drug dealer–I am leaning towards the theories that some of you guys are putting out there that our guy’s a vigilante.

    With this new case, though, I dunno, I’m not completely sure what to think. The victim’s name was Joe–actually, Colonel Joe Wellmont, but from what I can tell, he’s completely clean. No criminal record, no issues with his military files, nothing.

    Police discovered the colonel’s body in the woods near his house outside Illinois in August of ’09. The killer recreated a military-style firing squad, except there was only one shooter. He used a .308 rifle, and the colonel died of a gunshot wound to the chest. That was grisly; I’m not gonna show you guys that. It’s intense.

    So I’ve been doing some digging into the colonel’s life and I managed to track down a former neighbor of his, Jenny. Now she didn’t know all that much about the colonel herself, but she managed to point us in the direction of somebody who might.

    [JENNY: “He has a brother, Heath. He was homeless a lot, so he stayed with Joe sometimes. He was weird. I think he had some psychological issue.”]

    So this guy was apparently on and off the streets, in and out of shelters–the police never talked to him because they couldn’t find him. Course, they don’t have my crowd resources, now do they?

    This is where you come in. We need to talk to this guy. Compared to the other two cases, this one just doesn’t seem to fit, and we’ll never track down our killer if we can’t figure out his M.O.

    So look, Jenny says an old acquaintance–this woman Rebecca Gladow–actually used to volunteer at a shelter where Heath came in and out of. Of course, Jenny, bless her heart, doesn’t have so much as an e-mail address for Rebecca. That’s where you guys come in. I’m gonna need you guys to get to her, and when you do, find Heath, and when you find Heath, talk to him about the colonel; see what you can find out.

    That’s it, guys. Go hunt.



    • DOB: On or before 8/17/1956
    • Death: 8/17/2009
    • Aged: 53
    • Circumstances: Shot to death in woods behind home a la military firing squad with a .308; dog tags shoved in mouth.
    • Location: Illinois
    • Signature:

    • Etc.: Joe was survived by a brother, Heath.


    Interview with Jenny (Wellmont’s Neighbor), Transcript:

    DEE: So, I’m investigating this case and a couple things aren’t adding up. I’m just re-interviewing a few people people. Sorry to bother you. Can you tell me once again how you knew Joe Wellmont?

    JENNY: He was my neighbor a few years ago. Like, three years or so.

    DEE: Okay, and is there anything new that you’ve learned, or anything you may have forgotten to tell the police back then?

    JENNY: No, not really. I mean, he has a brother, Heath. He was homeless a lot, so he stayed with Joe sometimes. He was weird. I think he had some psychological issue.

    DEE: A brother! Really? Okay, well, tell me about that. Do you know how I could reach him or where he lives?

    JENNY: Uhh, no. Oh…you know, I have this friend from way back, she used to see him at the shelter where she volunteers. Her name is Rebecca Gladow.

    DEE: Oh. Okay. Can you give me her information?

    JENNY:: No. I mean she’s more of an acquaintance.

    DEE: Right. Okay, well, if you think of anything else, just contact my team on SerialHuntress.com. Thank you very much for your help.

    • Searching for Rebecca Gladow reveals only a spare Facebook page. However, from that page, we see the words “New Promise Harbor” written on her t-shirt, which leads to…
    • New Promise Harbor.com, the homeless shelter where Rebecca Gladow worked with Heath Wellmont, and a phone number for it: (1-888-797-6367.
    • Calling the phone number leads to a voice mail, instructing the caller to try phoning in between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. CST to speak directly to a volunteer. (However, at this point, it’s already 6 CST.)
    • ControlAddicts.com is updated with four “testimonials”–videos of people surrendering their control.


    8/11/2010: Wednesday

    A conversation with a volunteer at New Promise Harbor reveals that Heath Wellmont is currently a patient at Mentis Sanitarium; however, access to him is restricted to family members only.

    • So I called New Promise Harbor myself (1-888-797-6367) and they told me that Rebecca Gladow hasn’t been there for a few months and they didn’t have an updated phone number; Heath Wellmont, on the other hand, is currently a patient at aforementioned Mentis Sanitarium.
    • Mentis Sanitarium has a contact page, telling you to shoot an e-mail to info@mentissanitarium.com. Doing so gets the following autoresponse:

      Thank you for your inquiry, we appreciate that you have taken an interest in Mentis Sanitarium, and will reply at our earliest convenience. If you are inquiring about a family member, please contact judy@mentissanitarium.net, and be prepared to provide proof of kinship.

    • Sending Judy an e-mail claiming to be anybody but a family member will always, infallibly, result in a rebuff. So far, people have pretended to be lawyers, cops, members of the military, friends, workmates, and zombie Joe Wellmont. If you’re nice, you’ll get a nice answer. If you aren’t, you’ll get electronically bitch-slapped.
      • Fun Fact: Judy is the daughter of Rosemary and Satan!
    • If, however, you claim to be a member of the family, this is what you get:

      I am pleased that a family member has contacted us. Our patient privacy policy requires you to provide proof of kinship before we can release any information to you. If you can provide us with this, we will provide you with information regarding Heath. Thank you.

    • Numerous long-lost siblings, progeny, spouses, nieces, nephews and cousins emerge. No one is able to prove “kinship” before the day is out.


    8/12/2010: Thursday

    Judy of Mentis Sanitarium reveals that Heath Wellmont is dead. TheFukuro.net is uncovered from @semperf8’s cryptic tweet.

    • Judy finally accepts the proof of kinship from user shinyone (who some know as “O shinyone,” and whom my autocorrect believes should be called “shinbone”) and sends her the following e-mail (including a promise to mail her Heath’s belongings, expected to arrive either Friday or Saturday):


      My superiors have approved the information that you have sent. I can now proceed in sharing information about your cousin. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience but our patient privacy policy requires us to obtain proof of kinship.
      Regarding your cousin, I must regretfully deliver more bad news. Heath has recently passed away of natural causes. I know this must be hard, especially in light of the fact that his brother also passed away. Our condolences go out to you.

      As you are the only family member we have on record, we would like to send you Heath’s remaining belongings. Would you be willing to accept these? If so, please provide us with your full address and we will mail these to you. Thank you.


    • A follow-up e-mail describing the circumstances of his death:

      His last days were not out of the norm for him. He was suffering from cardiovascular disease, and hadn’t been in the best of health for some time. We all miss him here. Thank you for providing me with your address. I will make sure to send his belongings to you. You should receive them in the next day or two.


    • To add to that, the @semperf8 code is cracked, which reveals the website TheFukuro.net. The page is titled, “The Fukuro – ‘Death From Above,'” and dedicated to the 17th Airborne Division 8th Brigade Compat Team 494 Airborne Infantry Battalion:

      The mission of the 8th Brigade Compat Team, 494 Airborne Infantry Battalion is to deploy worldwide on short notice, execute a parachute assault, conduct combat operations, and accomplish the nation’s objectives. We follow our C.O. wherever their orders lead and stay forever faithful to our motto: “NO ORDER TOO TALL, NO DANGER TOO GRAVE.”

      • On the page is the audio “Blood on the Risers,” with one lyrical difference from the accepted versions of “Blood on the Risers.”

        Original: Intestines were a’dangling from his Paratrooper suit
        TheFukuro.net: Intestines were a-dangling from his paratrooper execute

      • It turns out this leads to http://drop.io/execute (mirror), audio of Infinity killing Col. Wellmont.

    Transcript: Sayonara.m4a

    WELLMONT: Do you have any idea what you’re doing? Do you know who I am?

    INFINITY: No, I just run around executing random people.

    WELLMONT: If you go through with this, you’re gonna end up in the electric chair faster than you can say “sayonara.” I’m gonna have you fried like calamari.

    INFINITY: Thanks for the generous offer, but I have other plans.

    WELLMONT: You don’t understand the first thing about what I do! The life I’ve lived! You’re just gonna pull the trigger and act like you’re so different.

    INFINITY: Oh, he’s fast, this one.

    WELLMONT: There’s a big difference. No bullet of yours can take away the privilege I have serving my country….something you clearly know nothing about.

    INFINITY: Well here’s what I know. You could move a thousand people with a flick of your wrist but now, struggle all you want–the only thing that’s gonna move is my finger and this bullet.

    WELLMONT: Wait–look, if you’re gonna do this, please…I have a brother. I’m the only family he’s got. Just…make sure he gets my tags….

    INFINITY: That can be arranged.

    [a gunshot]

    INFINITY: “And he ain’t gonna jump no more….”

    [end of tape]


    8/13/2010: Friday

    F8’s fourth SleepSuperbly.com therapy session goes live, revealing Twitter: @emptycourtroom; the drop.io audio (mirror) of the last kill is uncovered (see transcript above); HunterPrey.com’s recap is cleverer than mine but whatever guys! I’m not editorializing! I’m just stating the facts! I’m like the ticker at the bottom of your news station. Except for right now. But this doesn’t count. No, I know. Our relationship is one of symbiosis. Sexy, sexy symbiosis.

    Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #4

    IRIS: Hi F8. Welcome to your fourth therapy session.

    F8 Hey you. It’s nice to see you again. Oh, it is such a beautiful day outside that if I wasn’t so excited about my next trip, I might be sad to leave. But I have to say, I’ve been moving faster than the wind to make all these arrangements, but I always enjoy the planning almost as much as the vacation itself.

    IRIS: You are going on a holiday?

    F8 Ah, not quite. I’m still technically traveling for work, but I’ve set aside some time for my personal projects. Just a little present to myself.

    IRIS: How about your sleep? Are your dreams any better?

    F8 Oh, much, but nothing really notable lately. I think I’m just in anticipation. I have…I have a bit of a crazy idea…I’ve been thinking about bringing some of my new friends along for the trip. I know someone that would love to know where I’m going but…well, she’ll just have to wait.

    IRIS: I see.

    F8 But yeah, there’s a few people who might join me; I just can’t quite tell if they’re willing to commit. We’ll see. Otherwise, I can always send them a postcard.

    IRIS: That’s sweet. I’m sure your friends would love to go. You seem very enthusiastic.

    F8 Well thanks. I, uh, I hope you’re right, but if not, I’ve packed some interesting reading material. I’m only on chapter three but it’s, it’s really…sparked some interesting ideas in my head.

    IRIS: You should be careful about reading before bed. It can sometimes alter your vibrations and keep you from sleeping.

    F8 Well sorry, Iris, overruled. No, I mean don’t take it personally, I know you mean well, but every once in a while, I have to take a gamble.

    IRIS: It’s your call. See you next week.

    • The clue is the book to which F8 refers. It turns out this book is Franz Kafka’s The Trial. Here is a sexy photograph of the cover:

    • F8 talks about the third chapter, which in some translations is called “The Empty Courtroom.” So, this leads to @emptycourtroom with this lone tweet:

      The venire is Twitter

    • @emptycourtroom’s avatar appears to be blank–but is it? Check it out by rotating your screen if you can:

    • Okay, so it’s a QR Code (I guess jsena333, who wrote a very convincing e-mail to Judy posing as Zombie Joe Wellmont, adjusted this image so that one might actually successfully scan it, sooo…props!):

    • Scanning it leads to the website wrongyourrights.com. But that doesn’t get anywhere. However, wrongyourright.com does, so let’s go with that. It is, however, password protected as of 12:47 a.m. CST on 8/14/2010.


    8/14/2010: Saturday

    wrongyourright.com becomes active, making juryof8.com accessible as a tool to recruit ‘jurors’ via @emptycourtoom and the first jurors are selected; shinyone receives the package of Heath’s belongings from Judy the ho-bag at Mentis Sanitarium.

    • wrongyourright.com becomes a Q&A. Depending on how one answers the questions, one arrives at a variety of fortune cookie-like conclusions, such as:
      • There are far more who point out the ‘wrongs’ than there are those who ‘right’ them.
      • Your refusal to partake does not keep the machine from moving, it simply diminishes your ability to steer.
      • The choices that seem logical now may appear different in the future.
      • You’ve chosen wisely, although your actions are not without consequence.
      • You remain true to your agreement but can’t help feeling that there’s something you missed.
    • Turns out this last one has a hidden code in it, leading to juryof8.com with the username recruiter and the password verdict. It sayeth in a paragraph that’s impossibly difficult to read:

      You are part of the recruiters for the Jury of 8. The 8 jurors should help bring the trial to the attention of a general public. Recruiters must find jurors who meet the follower ratio and have them rewet the statement “Someone’s f8 is in my hands in the #juryof8.” Jury selection and passcodes will be announced on Twitter via @emptycourtroom daily at 5:00 PM, EST. The jury of 8 must be assembled by Tuesday, August 17, 5:30PM EST.

    • Here there are eight boxes to submit Twitter usernames, each specifying a certain number of followers: 50; 100; 500; 100; 5000; 10000; 50000; 100000.
    • At 5:00 EST, three of the jurors are announced:
    • …basically leaving five slots open. On the juryof8 page, there are now three weights on the scale, and the text entry fields for the respective jurors are blocked out.
    • In case you are wondering, it looks like basically the first person to be nominated in that field who meets the requirements and tweets “someone’s f8 is in my hands in the #juryof8” is the one who gets selected.
    • Also in case you are wondering, the passcodes are meant to be plugged in to their corresponding spots in juryof8.com by a recruiter. After doing so, the scale at the top of the page tips over with another weight.
    • Also of note, a USTREAM page for “EmptyCoutroom” [….sic] is found, with one scheduled broadcast: The Verdict of the Jury of 8: Someone’s f8 has been decided by the Jury of 8…. So far, there’s nothing else there.


    Yeah, you read that right: Heath Wellmont’s package [joke here] was delivered to shinyone. To view photographs of all the items in the box, check out her Twitter at @shinyswoots. I’ll list the contents of the box.

    • A wooden box containing the items (that apparently fell apart).
    • A Rubik’s cube with letters carved in. When the cube is solved, the letters point to thefukuro.net.
    • A red yo-yo with very little string.
    • A broken rosary.
    • Two alphabet refrigerator magnets: R and A.
    • Lots of little toy army men, many of whom had been maimed or mutilated.
    • A broken helicopter and burnt toy flag to go with them.
    • Several drawings, presumably done by Heath (click thumbnails to see full-size black & white scans):


    • Joe Wellmont’s dog tags.
    • 3 letters written to Heath signed by Joe Wellmont. The first (two pages; click images for full size):


    Transcript: Joe Wellmont to Heath Wellmont, 3/24/2009


    Dear Heath,

    I haven’t heard from you for some time now, so I hope this letter reaches you. I told you that you were more than welcome to continue staying with me. Please understand my concern at the fact that you decided to leave again. Especially since you left so abruptly, without even telling me where you were going. I had to ask around to even learn that you were staying at your new address. Forgive me, I do not mean to meddle in your life, but I think in light of your situation, that it would be healthier for you to stay with me. I know you are independent, and I am therefore not suggesting you stay permanently, but at least stay until you get things back in order. That is all I ask.

    In case you are wondering, I am doing well. As you know, I’m retiring. Well, it’s official, I am a civilian now…

    I must admit, it feels strange, but I am sure that I will get used to it eventually. My friends suggested I pick up a hobby. The only thing I could think of was as as children, when we rode horses on the property. It made me smile.

    I hope I hear from you soon. Please write me back and let me know that you are O.K.


    • The second letter (one page; click image for full size):

    Transcript: Joe Wellmont to Heath Wellmont, 6/12/2009


    Dear Heath,

    I have recently learned that you were staying at this facility. It has been some time since I’ve head from you. Please let me know if things are in order for you there. How are they treating you? What type of treatments are you undergoing? How long do you expect they will keep you? I am sorry that I am asking so many questions, but you have not responded to my letters so I am concerned. We really need to be in touch more often. Will you please write me back?


    • The third letter, for which there is no scan available (although below is a photo of it), is clearly not written in the same handwriting as the first two. Presumably it was written to Heath from F8, even if it was signed Joseph.

    Transcript: F8 posing as Joe Wellmont to Heath Wellmont, 8/17/2009


    Dear Heath,

    I hope you accept this as a token in my memory, as you will not see me again, I have spent most of my life commanding the lives of others in the name of my flag. But my power, I realize now, is not absolute. It is time I pledge my allegiance to a higher power, one that has already predetermined the course of events that have led you to receiving this letter.



    P.S. I just made a new friend with lots of personality.


    8/15/2010: Sunday

    Mad Men was really awesome; two more jurors are selected by @emptycourtroom for the juryof8, leaving three more available spots. (It should be noted that, of the five, it looks like only two are actually playing the game. And still nobody knows what the passcodes are for.) The list so far:

    • Juror #1 (50 followers): @johnyates; passcode j3y5XEiC
    • Juror #2 (100 followers): @angelnorelation; passcode hLraXTFG
    • Juror #3 (500 followers): @MJ_Legend_; passcode XugOn1pS
    • Juror #4 (1,000 followers): @DameCrusty; passcode jnKeBr15
    • Juror #5 (5,000 followers): (still open)
    • Juror #6 (10,000 followers): @tvdfansonline; passcode lOLCTLoV
    • Juror #7 (50,000 followers): (still open)
    • Juror #8 (100,000 followers): (still open)


    8/16/2010: Monday

    One more juror is selected by @emptycourtroom.

    • Juror #1 (50 followers): @johnyates; passcode j3y5XEiC
    • Juror #2 (100 followers): @angelnorelation; passcode hLraXTFG
    • Juror #3 (500 followers): @MJ_Legend_; passcode XugOn1pS
    • Juror #4 (1,000 followers): @DameCrusty; passcode jnKeBr15
    • Juror #5 (5,000 followers): @0MGitsMaggie; passcode IX6CHFNq
    • Juror #6 (10,000 followers): @tvdfansonline; passcode lOLCTLoV
    • Juror #7 (50,000 followers): (still open)
    • Juror #8 (100,000 followers): (still open)


    8/17/2010: Tuesday

    After the Jury of 8 is assembled via juryof8.com, F8 kills his next victim with live audio via ustream, Judge Sarah Zeizel of Richmond, VA. Serial Huntress releases her fourth briefing, which turns out to be more of a swift reaction to the kill than anything else.

    • The Jury of 8:
    • Three more tweets follow:
      1. The recruiters have successfully seated all the members of the #juryof8
      2. As a result, the trial will be broadcast live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-verdict-of-the-jury-of-8
      3. Yet the case is not closed. In fact, just as this verdict is passed, a new f8 is in the jury’s hands. And it will not be the last.

    Transcript: The Verdict of the Jury of 8

    Well, well. So happy you could make it. This is quite the exciting moment for me. Lucky number seven….ah, it’s a shame I didn’t have more time with her after she woke up, but I just couldn’t risk it. Besides, I wanted you guys here for the grand reveal.

    She was surprisingly calm. I think in some weird way she understood it, realized she wasn’t above her own system–not that my system has anything to do with hers, but I can’t expect someone like that to see the bigger picture. As it goes, the…’the right perception of any matter and a misunderstanding of the same matter do not wholly exclude each other.’

    But…back to our little waiting game. 5:32…won’t be long now.

    [he taps his fingers]

    And here comes our leading man on the dot…..

    [a car drives past]

    The curtain rises on the misfortune of some.

    [the sound of a garage door opening]

    Hello, Mr. Doorman.

    [an electric noise]

    [MR. DOORMAN: “Oh my god! Oh my god! No! No! Someone help! Help!”]

    Goodbye, Mrs. Doorman.

    [MR. DOORMAN: “Help! Help!”]

    [end of tape]


    Hey guys. Straight down to business today. As many of you already know, we may potentially have a new kill on our hands. You all discovered this audio and um…well judging from the sounds of it, we may already be too late.

    Okay, listen. My colleagues at the FBI are analyzing the track, but I need you to examine it too. This is vital now. I need every single one of you on this. I don’t know what we’re looking for, I don’t even know if there’s anything here, but what I do know is that this is the only lead we have. We have to get this guy. We cannot let the trail run cold. So let’s start here, see where it takes us.

    Go hunt.

    • What came out of ustream audio:
      • The tapping while F8 was waiting for “Mr. Doorman” to arrive turns out to be Morse code–a slightly skewed version of “Sarah Zeizel,” which is presumably the name of the victim.
      • The phrase “the curtain rises on the misfortune of some” leads to a website, TheMisfortune.com, a page displaying a fortune telling machine: “The one and only Miss Fortune.” Below her is an image that simply says “LUCKY NUMBERS.” The filename for the image is notyourluckydaytoday-tryagaintomorrow.jpg.
      • Infinity’s quote, “The right perception of any matter and a misunderstanding of the same matter do not wholly exclude each other,” is another reference to Kafka’s The Trial.
      • Not to mention, his referencing “Mr. Doorman” seems to be another throwback to The Trial. More specifically, this is a reference to a parable contained within the story (though published by Kafka prior to The Trial), Before the Law (Wikipedia). In short, it’s pretty much about a dude trying to gain entry to “the Law,” but a doorman won’t let him in. He bribes the doorman and waits forever, but the doorman never lets him in. Just before the dude trying to get into the Law dies, he asks the doorman why he’s been waiting there for ages but nobody else has ever come by trying to do the same thing–and the doorman says, “Here no one else can gain entry, since this entrance was assigned only to you. I’m going now to close it.”



    • DOB: On or before 8/17/1952
    • Death: 8/17/2010
    • Aged: 58
    • Circumstances: Murder: electrocution; bound in a homemade electric chair in her garage; electrocution triggered by the garage door opener (opened by her husband, Tyler)
    • Location: Richmond, VA
    • Signature: (click thumbnails to view full size)


    • Etc.: Circuit judge in Richmond, VA since 1992; born and raised on Ohio; survived by a husband and two daughters
    • For any more specifics, check out her website: SarahZeizel.com.


    8/18/2010: Wednesday

    Dee updates her dossier to include Sarah Zeizel and updates her blog to alert the members of SerialHuntress.com that husband Tyler Zeizel has been arrested by local police for Sarah’s murder. She begs users to help clear Tyler’s name before it’s too late. A new but mostly blank website TheElectricGirl.com is uncovered.

    • Pretty much nothing else happens on this day. While the crime scene photos are examined thoroughly, nothing solid is determined to prove that Tyler Zeizel did not, in fact, kill his wife. Dee claims that she presented the audio and her thoughts on the matter to the police, but they’re not taking her seriously–and she worries for Tyler’s life since Virginia is, after all, a death penalty state (and one that still uses the electric chair if you choose).
    • Although having been attempted by several users searching for further meaning in the drawings (specifically this one) in Heath’s package [insert Heath’s package joke of your choosing in brackets], TheElectricGirl.com appears, saying only “Our site is currently under construction. Please check back very soon.”


    8/19/2010: Thursday

    An update to TheMisfortune.com leads to the discovery of a mysterious YouTube account, and an eBay item from a seller called “mrsdoormansouvenir.”

    • The image on TheMisfortune.com previously known as “notyourluckydaytoday-tryagaintomorrow.jpg” is now renamed “25_20_39879415.jpg.”
    • Of note is that, when converted into letters and numbers using the usual A=1/Z=26 code, and plugged into a cryptogram solver, this sequence converts to the word “actomyosin,” a muscle protein found naturally in the human body, partially in control of muscular contractions. Though later on this code lead to something else, for all we know it may still be worth mentioning, if for nothing but the mild-to-moderate hilarity that ensued when a bunch of people on SerialHuntress.com tried to figure out what that might imply in layperson’s terms.
    • However, using the same letter/number code, it turns out to be Y_T_CIHGIDAE. It turns out that the “Y_T” part apparently means “YouTube,” and the part after it is the username; hence, YouTube: CIHGIDAE.
      • On the account are 12 videos, all with one-word titles. In their correct order, they are: Years ago, I began by recognizing the difference between chance and fate. Each video shows a spinning roulette table, and at the end it arrives at a different number.
      • When combined in order, the numbers are: 270623620220.
      • This leads to an eBay item, #270623620220 (from seller mrsdoormansouvenir): Time’s Up. It’s a watch, and its short description is, “This item belonged to a person who recently passed away. Now it is forever yours, inside and out..” The auction is set to end on 8/22 (Sunday), at 4:51 PST.


    8/20/2010: Friday

    F8 posts his fifth dream therapy session at Sleep Superbly, leading to the discovery of a disgusting number of Twitter accounts and a YouTube channel, ripyourheartoutnow.

    Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #5

    IRIS: Welcome back, F8. Are you ready for your fifth therapy session?

    F8: Absolutely. I’m hanging on every word.

    IRIS: Wonderful. How was your trip?

    F8: It was lovely, really. My friends ended up making it too, so I was quite excited. They all really pulled together. In fact their efforts were downright…shocking. I get the feeling some of them didn’t enjoy it, though. I should have known; my kind of fun isn’t really for most people. But oh well. I still had a great time.

    IRIS: That’s good to hear.

    F8: There was actually someone I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. She showed up as well. The look on her face…be still my beating heart. But I must confess…my lifestyle hasn’t been all that healthy. I certainly haven’t gotten too much sleep.

    IRIS: I am disappointed to hear that.

    F8: When I get wrapped up in my projects, it’s hard to focus on anything else. I even become negligent, which is really not like me. But, I have a little time before my next big move, so as you can tell, I’m soaking it all in.

    IRIS: That’s reassuring. Any memorable dreams?

    F8: Now that you mention it, I’m almost getting a deja-vu. I had a dream just last night about taking a nice warm bath, so as you can tell, I’m really listening to my dreams.

    IRIS: Excellent news. Sleep tight.

    F8: Thanks, Iris. Talk to you soon.

    • “I’m hanging on every word” turns out to be the clue here–indeed, every word of this transcript corresponds to one of 64 Twitter accounts. Each Twitter account is blank apart from an avatar, which is a portion of a QR code.
    • Let’s check out that transcript again in stereo!. This took me ages. For a Twitter list, check Session 5.

    IRIS: Welcome back, F8. Are you ready for your fifth therapy session?

    F8: Absolutely. I’m (@absolutelyiam) hanging on every (@hangingonevery) word.

    IRIS: Wonderful. How was your trip?

    F8: It was lovely (@worditwaslovely), really. My friends (@reallymyfriends) ended up making it (@endedupmakingit) too, so I was quite (@toosoiwasquite) excited. They all (@excitedtheyall) really pulled (@reallypulled) together. In fact (@togetherinfact) their efforts (@theirefforts) were downright (@weredownright)…shocking. I get the (@shockingigeta) feeling some of (@feelingsomeof) them didn’t enjoy (@themdidntenjoy) it, though. I should (@itthoughishould) have known (@haveknown); my kind of fun (@mykindoffun) isn’t really (@isntreally) for most people (@formostpeople). But oh well. I still (@butohwellistill) had a great time (@hadagreattime).

    IRIS: That’s good to hear.

    F8: There was actually (@theresactually) someone I’ve had (@someoneivehad) my eye on for (@myeyeonfor) quite a while (@quiteawhile). She showed up (@sheshowedup) as well. The look (@aswellthelook) on her face…be (@onherfacebe) still my beating (@stillmybeating) heart. But I must (@heartbutimust) confess…my life (@confessmylife) style hasn’t been (@stylehasntbeen) all that healthy (@allthathealthy). I certainly haven’t (@certainlyhavent) gotten too (@gottentoo) much sleep (@muchsleep).

    IRIS: I am disappointed to hear that.

    F8: When I get (@wheniget) wrapped up in (@wrappedupin) my projects, it’s (@myprojectsits) hard to focus (@hardtofocus) on anything else (@onanythingelse). I even become (@ievenbecome) negligent, which (@negligentwhich) is really not like (@isreallynotlike) me. But, I have (@mebutihave) a little time (@alittletime) before my next (@beforemynext) big move, so as (@bigmovesoas) you can tell, I’m (@youcantellim) soaking it all (@soakingitall) in.

    IRIS: That’s reassuring. Any memorable dreams?

    F8: Now that you (@innowthatyou) mention it , I’m (@mentionitim) almost getting (@almostgetting) a deja-vu. I (@adejavui) had a dream (@hadadream) just last night (@justlastnight) about taking (@abouttaking) a nice warm bath (@anicewarmbath), so as you (@soasyou) can tell, I’m (@cantellim) really listening (@reallylistening) to my dreams (@tomydreams).

    IRIS: Excellent news. Sleep tight.

    F8: Thanks, Iris (@thanksiris). Talk to you soon. (@talktoyousoon)

    • Put those babies together and you get a scannable QR code. Here it is with one piece missing (I totally found the missing piece in case you were wondering, so this is just me congratulating myself, but not editing it into the thing), put together thanks to much effort from the user nicole (click the image to view it full size):

    • Scanning the QR code leads to the YouTube channel for ripyourheartoutnow. On it there is one video, inviting viewers to a contest:

    Rip Your Heart Out – Contest Instructions

    RipYourHeartOutNow is launching a new YouTube contest, where the winner can get a special, heartfelt prize in the mail! Reply to this instructional video with your own video and tell the world the story of when you got your heart ripped out by someone. Was it the girlfriend who killed your genetically engineered iguana before she ran off in your brand new, electric purple minivan? Or the ex-husband with the polka dot obsession who left you for your French butler. Tell us how you really feel by Monday, August 23rd, 8AM EST. If someone else’s video strikes a chord with you, give it a Like! The winner will be selected based on the top 8 “Liked” replies at that time (we will not consider Dislikes, that’s just more heartache). The winner will be publicly announced on Monday, August 23rd, 3PM EST and contacted for mailing information.


    8/22/2010: Sunday

    The mrsdoormansouvenir auction ends.

    • It goes for $300, but thankfully, F8 doesn’t make the winner (nicole) pay for it. The message she receives:
      • Congratulations, fate has chosen you to receive this souvenir.
Provide your address and your package will arrive very soon.
        – mrsdoormansouvenir


    8/23/2010: Monday

    Twitter: @f8speaks is uncovered, promising a “chat” with F8 the next day; the ripyourheartoutnow contest winner is announced.

    • Considerably later than the promised 3 p.m. EST, the winner is announced (quiteso). When prompted as to why it took so long, F8 cites “oper8ing issues.”
    • The Twitter user @f8speaks appears, following numerous players in the game. His tweets:
      • planning on having a chat with my friends tomorrow
      • i think they have a lot of questions for me. let’s see if they have the right one
      • as i suspected, my friends already have so many questions for me. some, i will answer tomorrow.
      • for the right one, the path has been opened if their eyes are sharp and their hands are steady
      • the details of the chat will be communicated tomorrow. for now, all i will say is that one person’s oversight can be the gain of many
      • the path was opened by one, for all


    8/24/2010: Tuesday

    @f8speaks holds a live chat at the IRC room #safehaven; Dee’s fifth briefing reflects how pissed off she is over his “publicity tour.” oper8ing.com is discovered.

    • @f8speaks releases a few more tweets spread throughout the day, slowly revealing his plans about the chat:
      • the chat will be today, but not on twitter. to get to the end of the path, my friends must keep oper8ing as a team
      • the chat will happen today at 5PM. curious to see if my friends will find the right words to say. it might take some practice, once in sight
      • getting ready to step into safe haven in five minutes
        • Note: “safe haven” refers to an IRC chat used by many posters on the SerialHuntress.com boards, #safehaven.
      • safe haven must only be safe for some. let’s see if we can have our chat after all…
      • At a little bit later than 5 p.m., F8 turns up in #safehaven. To view the full chat (thanks to Gideon for the log), click it.
      • Shortly after he leaves the chat, Dee posts her fifth briefing. (Please note: what you’re going to see below is the hacked briefing [see 8/25 for more details]. The original briefing isn’t available on YouTube anymore and I didn’t save it, but this preserves everything that she says, so there you go.


      Hey guys. Thanks for joining. I’m gonna assume that by now you’ve all seen the killer’s little publicity tour. Sick bastard is fucking with us. He’s trying to turn this into his 15 minutes of fame. Do not let him! Now is the time to buckle down and put your heads together and do some really good detective work.

      I need one of you to start a thread dedicated exclusively to consolidating our theories for the killer’s M.O. We need to figure this out now.

      He’s obviously motivated by something related to fate, but I think there’s a bigger picture. That theme has come up over and over again, but serial killers tend to have a vision. They create their own set of rules and they are extremely consistent. We can use that.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, so thanks in advance. Keep hunting.

      • After figuring out some of F8’s hints, oper8ing.com is discovered. It’s a game in the spirit of Operation, in which the player has to make a steady incision in a set amount of time. There are three levels. After completing all three levels, you can hear a short audio clip that sounds like a heart monitor crashing. Underneath all of the havoc is a voice that says something that so far sounds like, “Lost anything valuable lately?” (Click here [mirror] to listen to it without winning the game.)
      • When @f8speaks is tweeted with the question “lost anything valuable lately?” he responds:
        • well… perhaps not valuable to most, but certainly to me
        • it’s my favorite jacket. i think i lost it on a recent trip to new york
      • After being prompted for a description:
        • sure, @dandibeast. it’s a dark green utility jacket, with a silver zipper on the collar
        • you’re right, there’s a slim chance of finding it… i can’t say i expect to get it back. but i do hope it ends up in good hands
        • it was in the city… i’ll try and remember where i last saw it and let you guys know


      8/25/2010: Wednesday

      Sarah Zeizel’s watch from mrsdoormansouvenir arrives and leads to sarahzeizel.com/unanimous, featuring what appears to be security camera footage of Infinity entering the home of Sarah Zeizel 12 minutes before Tyler arrived. F8 hacks Dee’s 5th briefing, and Dee responds with a new video. @f8speaks remembers that the jacket he left in New York was at the Bodies Exhibition, but nobody is able to retrieve it on this day.

      • Early in the morning, @f8speaks tweets:
        • well, i guess it really does help to sleep on it. i think i’m remembering where i last had my jacket
        • the last time i remember having it was when i went on a walk through the south street seaport
        • now that i think about it, i might’ve left it at the bodies exhibit
        • i was just in NY by myself, it seemed like an interesting place to go
        • oh well. i guess there’s no point in crying over spilled…milk. but appreciate all of your concern
        • it really warms my heart. so much so, i think you deserve a little surprise.
      • (Meanwhile, back at the ranch: After calling the Bodies Exhibition, it is established that the jacket is, in fact, there, but nobody is in the Manhattan area so there it remains. The proprietors of the place become irritated with this lost jacket shenanigan and Dee requests in a blog update that nobody call them or e-mail them anymore, although somebody should still pick it up if they can.)
      • It is at this time that SerialHuntress.com goes out for a little bit. When it comes back, Dee’s fifth briefing has been hacked (for a healthy dose of amusement, read the comments to the video on the YouTube page sometime). Presumably, this is the “surprise” of which @f8speaks just spoke::
      • And thereafter, Dee posts another video update expressing concern about how the first one got hacked.


      Well I was just informed what happened during the last briefing. I’m sure you all witnessed it. This is bold, even for him.

      The video briefing is now officially evidence. I’m already analyzing it, as I’m sure you guys are. I’m going to leave it up as is so that we can continue to do so. Let’s find out what he’s trying to communicate A.S.A.P.

      The one thing we know for certain: he thinks this is a game. He enjoys fucking with us. But I’ll tell you what: there is no way in hell that he can outwit all of us together.

      I’m assuming he’s watching right now. Infinity, do you think this is a game? This is not a game, and we are coming for you.

      For the rest of you…go hunt.

      • So there appear two words within the glitches: “heart” (at 0:16) and “recipes” (at 0:48):


      • In other news, nicole receives Sarah Zeizel’s watch. Check at her flickr for all the photos she took. Most importantly, inside the watch (engraved on the back “Sarah Zeizel”) is a piece of paper that says “/unanimous”:

      • Turns out this leads to sarahzeizel.com/unanimous, a password-protected page.
        • The usernames and passwords are the jurors’ usernames and passwords (from juryof8), in order, starting from juror #1 and ending at juror #8. For your viewing pleasure, here they are again:
          1. johnyates – j3y5XEiC
          2. angelnorelation – hLraXTFG
          3. MJ_Legend_ – XugOn1pS
          4. DameCrusty – jnKeBr15
          5. 0MGitsMaggie – IX6CHFNq
          6. tvdfansonline – lOLCTLoV
          7. royljestr – 6HP4GyQB
          8. realinsane – NByOeQ5n
      • When you get through, what you see is this security camera footage. It shows what looks like someone–presumably F8–leaving a house–presumably Sarah Zeizel’s–while patting the dog on the head. However, when you watch the timestamp, it moves backwards, so it would seem that this is actually footage of F8 entering her house (at about 5:20 p.m.–Tyler got home at 5:32). Above it pops up the message: You are now in a position to decide the fate of another. Choose wisely but know that your actions are not without consequence.


      8/26/2010: Thursday

      Serial Huntress’s 5th briefing is hacked again, leading to myhearthealthyrecipes.com. There are hidden coordinates to a hospital in Los Angeles hinting at a drop on Friday. Meanwhile, F8’s jacket is recovered from the Bodies Exhibition in New York. A flash drive is in one of the pockets, though nobody is able to unlock the password-encrypted .zip file within.

      • Apparently Dee needs to rethink her password for her YouTube account, because it’s hit again by F8. This time the fifth briefing plays backwards and reveals two more words: “my” and “healthy.”
      • Putting the words together from today’s hack and yesterday’s hack, you get myhearthealthyrecipes.com. On it are two recipes–“Beef Chili to Die For” and “Hearty Veal Roast,” with some oddly specific directions in some cases:
        • Beef Chili to Die For: “then sauté for 2 minutes” / “Let soup sit and cool to about 34 °C” / “Stir for approximately 19 seconds”
        • Hearty Veal Roast: “bake at 118 °C for a long time” / “continue baking for 13 minutes” / “Blow for 4 seconds then taste”
      • Since coordinates are usually calculated in degrees, minutes, and seconds, it’s deduced that these are coordinates (editorialization: so far I think this is the cleverest clue, in case you were wondering)–thus making the Beef Chili to Die For 34° 2′ 19″ and the Hearty Veal Roast 118° 13′ 4″.
      • If you enter that code into Google, you’ll get the middle of a body of water. However, if you enter -118 instead of 118, you’ll get this.
      • What is “this” you ask, o ye of little clickthroughs? It’s Linda Vista Community Hospital, though perhaps you might know it better as the Angel of Mercy Hospital, the site at which Tony Tucci was left for Dexter as a treat by the Ice Truck Killer in 1×04 “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand.”
      • Also appearing on the website are these curious words of wisdom at the bottom: This is my Friday afternoon special. I hope you enjoy it. And remember, using different cooking equipment may yield different results, so be sure to check-in on your meal. It is therefore generally assumed that whatever is going to happen there will happen the next afternoon (since that’s, you know, Friday afternoon).
      • Serial Huntress updates her blog in agreement with the suspicion that these are, in fact, coordinates, and advises anyone who goes there to use caution, while emphasizing Infinity’s use of the phrase “check-in.”
      • So while all this is happening, user broklynite retrieves the jacket from the Bodies Exhibition. Apart from the fact that the tag has been replaced with an embroidered infinity sign, the only notable feature is a sewn-up pocket, in which there is a flash drive. On the flash drive is one file, extirpation.zip, containing another file, extirpation.mp3. However, it’s protected by a password, and no one is able to extract it yet.


      8/27/2010: Friday

      The Angel of Mercy Hospital drop reveals the identity of a murder victim previously not associated with Infinity, Brooke Waldor, a heart surgeon killed on 8/17/2007–now Infinity’s first known kill. Serial Huntress confirms and updates the dossier to reflect such. The prize from the ripyourheartoutnow contest reveals the password to yesterday’s .zip file, unlocking audio of Brooke Waldor’s death. F8’s sixth dream therapy session is posted.

      • Serial Huntress updates her blog regarding two things. First, she says that since the mysterious surveillance video of F8 outside Sarah Zeizel’s house is rolling backwards and appears to have been tampered with, it’s basically useless as far as evidence goes; however, as a few people have mentioned, it looks like he may have put something on or taken something off of the dog’s collar in the video. Second, she emphasizes F8’s usage of the words “check-in” again while going to the coordinates in regards to technology, perhaps confirming the suspicions of some that “check-in” refers to a mobile social networking app like foursquare in which users in real-world locations can virtually “check-in” on their phones.
      • It turns out that the foursquare suspicion is right–it turns out that, early in the afternoon, a user “ripyourheartout” checks in at Linda Vista Community Hospital (aka Angel of Mercy) and shortly thereafter at the park across the street, Hollenbeck Park. Underneath these check-ins, a phone number: (310) 201-4509 [NOTE: please do not call this number any longer–a player has it]. Turns out it’s a pager number.
      • The real-world player who goes to the location calls the phone number outside of the hospital and is able to hear the pager. There with it is a package inside a medical waste basket.



      The contents (click the thumbnails for larger images):


      • A medical waste basket, containing:
        • A pill (even though it’s hard to see in the picture, it’s a white pill, and the number on it is 78)
        • What looks like a burned bone
        • The beeper
        • Four “thank you” cards (see below)

      The cards:
      from Ian       from Phyllis      

      Transcripts of Cards:

      From Ian

      Thank you for saving my daddy.

      From Phyllis

      Dear Dr. Brook,

      There are no words that can possibly describe my gratitude to you for saving my life. If it wasn’t for your perseverance, I would not be here writing you today. So for lack of better words please accept my eternal thanks.


      From Duane

      Dear Dr. Waldor,

      I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Not only for saving my life, but also just for being there with me throughout this painful process.

      Because of you my children can grow up with a father, and for that I am grateful. I consider you a TRUE angel.

      Thank you for everything!


      From anonymous (presumably Infinity)

      Dear Dr. Brooke Waldor

      You have changed the lives of so many and I must admit that I am no exception. In a way, you have given me a new beginning as well. It’s quite ironic if you think about it, by altering fate’s path on so many occasions you have also sealed your own.

      Thank You

      P.S. Thanks for letting me borrow your syringes, they came in handy.

      • Searching for the name “Brooke Waldor” brings up brookewaldor.com, a website from the friends and family of a murder victim Brooke Waldor, killed on 8/17/2007, whose killer was never found, with an e-mail address for tips.
      • Serial Huntress adds a new video to her blog:


      Okay, you guys. It’s been an interesting week, but as usual, you guys are keeping up the good work. You did an excellent job finding the pager and identifying Dr. Brooke Waldor. I contacted her family through the website that you found and shared the circumstances with them. As sad as their situation is, just learning the truth about her killer really made a difference for them. Thank you for that. Clearly, they still want justice, and it is our job to give it to them.

      I’ve contacted the police and they have been kind enough to provide us with images of the murder scene. Dr. Waldor was murdered in her own bathtub in Los Angeles. Her heart was literally cut out. Sick bastard.

      There’s really not a lot more that I have to say this week, so keep on top of your game; check back in on Tuesday. I’ll see you then.


      • Dee updates the dossier (with crime scene photos) to reflect Brooke Waldor as Victim E, although at present she is Infinity’s first known victim. Dee is careful to note that, while her heart was removed, it was “not a proper surgical procedure.”



      • DOB: On or before 8/17/1959
      • Death: 8/17/2007
      • Aged: 48
      • Circumstances: Heart cut out of body in bathtub.
      • Location: Los Angeles, CA
      • Signature:

      • Etc.: Never officially recognized as Infinity victim until 8/27/2010. Check out family’s website for her, BrookeWaldor.com.


      AUGUST 17

      • So far, there are three recorded Infinity kills on 8/17–Brooke Waldor’s in 2007; Joe Wellmont’s in 2009; Sarah Zeizel’s in 2010. It’s probably a complete coincidence because you know how this guy is with the details.


      • Bang on schedule, user quiteso receives her prize from the ripyourheartoutnow context in the mail: a plaque made out to Brooke Waldor, beneath which the Infinity symbol has been scratched. (Thanks to quiteso for the scans.)

      • Noticing that the screws on the plaque are loose, she pried it open to discover s@v3=k1ll carved into the backside of the plaque:

      • Turns out that “s@v3=k1ll” is the password for that .zip file from before, extirpation.zip. Extracting extirpation.mp3 reveals audio of Brooke Waldor’s death. (Click here to listen.)

        Transcript: extirpation.mp3

        Operative report, date August 17th, 2007. Attempted procedure: heart extirpation. Entry into chest cavity has been performed in the usual fashion. Preparing to make final incision to divide the great vessels.

        Well, I guess this is it. It’s crazy to have waited this long and now be so close. Heart-wrenching, if you will. Well doc, I hope you feel pretty special. You weren’t too enthusiastic in our earlier chat, but I guess that’s understandable, and I can’t quite say that you’re my first, but in a sense, you could see it that way. I definitely know I’m your first.

        For me, the first time…I didn’t really know what I was doing. I mean don’t get me wrong; I’m learning still, but now I know why everything happened the way it did, why there was never a choice for me. Or for you.

        Pulmonary…artery…finally…ascending aorta….

        So this is what it feels like to hold someone’s life in your hands. It’s…slipperier than I imagined.

        Time of death: 21:48.

        [end of tape]

        • And last but not least, F8’s sixth dream therapy session goes live at Sleep Superbly.

        Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #6

        IRIS: Welcome back, F8. Tell me how you’re feeling today.

        F8: Iris! Hi, I’m feeling spectacular.

        IRIS: Great news. Is there any occasion?

        F8: Guess I’ve just had a really good week. My friends and I had a real heart-to-heart which I was very excited about. For a minute I wasn’t sure if we were still on the same page, but I just had to be patient and they did not disappoint.

        IRIS: That’s very nice. Any other news?

        F8: Eh, not really. I’ve been a little behind, but I picked up a local newspaper this morning, so I’m starting to catch up. There are some crazy, crazy people out there. And the classifieds seem bizarre.

        IRIS: Right. Tell me about your sleep.

        F8: Oh, I’ve been sleeping like a log. I think this is really working out for me, Iris. I wasn’t so sure when I started out but you guys really live up to the name.

        IRIS: Thank you, F8. Your positive feedback is much appreciated.

        F8: Ah, don’t sweat it. But, I actually have to run right now. Well not, literally. I just got back from a run. My muscles are just burning. But I’d rather get going.

        IRIS: I see. Goodbye, F8.

        • So the t-shirt he’s wearing says “Philadelphia,” which seems to suggest that’s where he is, which seems important since he so clearly emphasizes the local paper.
        • Nobody finds shit apart from some interesting classified ads in their own rights (do any older ladies with nice digs in Philadelphia need a guy to come over and play piano? Because I can refer you).


        8/30/2010: Monday

        After Dee posts the classified ad referred to in F8’s last dream therapy session, @heroonfire is discovered (along with affiliated accounts) that eventually lead to prometheusbyf8.com. This, in turn, leads to fightorfade.com, promising some interesting (fire-related) activity in the future.

        • So, as stated above, Dee posts the classified ad from the Philly paper:


        We met a few years ago. Without you I would never be where I am. And I am very close to where I need to be. I could call you my personal hero. My hero on fire.

        • The phrase “hero on fire” is linked to a Twitter account, @heroonfire. The account is following three others–@fightonfire, @lightonfire, and @fadeonfire. There are no tweets, but when their avatars are put together, a group of hidden letters reveals itself.

        • When put together the letters are “prometheusbyf8,” or prometheusbyf8.com.
        • The site appears to be empty, but if you press “F8” on your keyboard, you will hear a series of five notes. The notes are F, A, D, E, D.
        • Type in “faded” while listening to the notes. A video clip (no sound) from the sixth dream therapy session–the part in which he says he’s feeling spectacular–highlighted in red will appear.
        • The video loops over and over again. After every 11th loop, letters appear: FIGHTORFADE.
        • This leads to fightorfade.com. (For some good times, press F8 while on this website too. Unless you’re epileptic and easily triggered by things that flash.) At the top of the page, there is a text message shortcode that says it will alert subscribers to any fire alarms via text. Texting it only returns: “fightorfade: Registered, we’ll alert you if there’s a fire.” At the bottom of the page, an offline ustream account (fightorfade) is embedded, along with some ambiguous “controls”: #F = Forward; # L = Left; #R = Right.


        8/31/2010: Tuesday

        fightorfade.com broadcasts a remotely-controlled game that leads to new kill audio. Dee posts her sixth briefing after receiving a mysterious cake in the mail from none other than F8 himself. Also, Dee updates her blog with a photo of the tag found on the Zeizels’ dog’s collar.


        • This quote is an Albert Einstein quote with two modifications. The original quote:

        Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.

        • So, the different part is that in the original quote “our path is irreversible” does not appear, nor does “the middle” in F8’s “the beginning, the middle and the end.” (Also, for those keeping track at home, this is the same quote that appears in F8’s profile on Sleep Superbly.)
        • A couple hours after this update, users receive a text that says, “fightorfade: Fire alert! Steer the fire truck now on fightorfade.com.
        • The video goes live. It’s a remote-controlled fire truck in a maze. Users have 18 minutes to steer it (as a group) to a fire. If they fail, then the game ends for a while. There are two failures (generally spaced about 20 minutes apart) before people are able to successfully get it to the fire.
        • As a reward for getting to the fire, F8 plays a new kill audio. (“Congratulations, hero. You have reached the fire so you can watch it burn. Enjoy the sound of success.”) Fortunately somebody captured it and put it on the YouTubes (thanks to lorddhmd for posting it):

        Transcript: Fight or Fade

        [a splashing sound]

        Well, I have to say, I’m keen to find irony in these situations, but this time it really doesn’t take much effort. Fight fire with fire? It’s almost too easy. Even today, how your habit to jump to the rescue made you end up on this dusty floor. Tell me how that isn’t fate?

        I guess this must be a very silly notion to you. You don’t deal in fate; you deal in courage and saving lives and defeating the odds…but you see, my friend, that’s where you’re wrong. See, having others owe their lives to you, clinging to your chest, holding on to you for dear life–oh, being a hero is almost as gratifying as being a killer, not to mention much more socially acceptable.

        But I see through your little selfless act and the whole breed of career superheroes like you, because I know that every time you throw yourself into the flames, you’re hooked on being in control of the lives you save, and most importantly, of your own.

        Well, here’s the trick: nobody’s ever in control of their fate. And, pour enough gas…

        [the lighter clicks]

        …even superheroes burn.

        [end of tape]

        • Dee updates her blog to mention that she received a package ostensibly from Infinity. Shortly thereafter, she posts her sixth briefing:


        Okay, guys, I think you all know what the deal is, so let’s just get right to it.

        I received this package, I opened it, and I think it’s pretty clear who it came from.

        Okay, guys, look. I’m going to examine this cake through and through, but it’s pretty clear that these letters have some kind of relevance. We’ve seen how he operates, so it’s clear that he’s trying to lead us somewhere, but where? I need you guys to help me figure out where he wants us to go.

        But as well, I think we need to look at the bigger picture. He hacked us twice last week, and now this? He’s turning his focus on us–or, on me. It’s almost as if it’s becoming personal.

        There are some things in my past…looks, I made a lot of arrests during my years in the FBI and I pissed off a lot of people, and I have been racking my brains trying to figure out if there’s some kind of a connection there, but it’s not clear yet, so until it is, we’re just gonna have to take what he gives us and see where it goes.

        Look guys, he’s getting closer, but it is imperative that we not get intimidated. We do not get intimidated that easily, so whatever sick and twisted little message this is, we will figure it out, as we always do, and we will track him down. We will follow him to the gates of hell and beyond if that’s what it takes. Because I am not afraid of you, Infinity. I’m just determined.

        All right, guys. Go hunt.


        9/1/2010: Wednesday

        Dee updates her blog confirming that there is nothing suspicious about the cake apart from the letters, but pointing out that he is obsessed with the number 8 and he’s obviously “some kind of computer specialist.” Thanks, Dee.


        9/3/2010: Friday

        F8 posts his seventh dream therapy session at Sleep Superbly; F8 sends out a package to the media with a video and a note that leads to iamalwaysthinkingofyou.com–which leads to a YouTube video inviting users to submit their “questions” to F8’s victim.

        • Early in the morning, a blogger for ARGNet receives a package from F8. Inside it: a chocolate (anatomically correct) heart, a flash drive with a video, a photo of the Matthiew Clarke crime scene, and a letter. The letter sayeth:

        I’ve been following you for a while. And it seems you’re onto me as well. I have to say, I’m quite flattered. I’m thinking you might be interested in picking my brain (assuming my heart whets your appetite). You + 8 other bloggers I admire have received packages like the one you just opened. I am going to grant an exclusive interview to the first of you to write a story about me + the present. I can assure you, my friends are just dying to see it.

        I am always thinking of you

        • The video:

        Transcript: Hello ‪∞‬

        This is the part where I open up.

        Most people try so hard to stand out…I fight to blend in. In many ways, I’m just an ordinary guy with an ordinary life. I’ve spent years perfecting the art of being forgettable.

        See? I’m just like the guy next door. If the guy next door kills people.

        ‘Serial killer’…such a flawed choice of words. It makes it sound repetitive, like reenacting something over and over with no idea of what you’re doing, but I have an idea.

        I choose my friends very carefully. Eight people. Eight people who lived to change the lives of many, who died to change the lives of more.

        I’m not done yet…and if you place nice…I’ll let you watch.

        • And now, let’s view that transcript in stereo.

        Souped-Up Transcript:

        [black screen]
        This is the part where I open up.

        [inside a pastry shop; the camera is upside-down, and people walk by on the sidewalk]
        Most people try so hard to stand out…I fight to blend in.

        [spied through a gap near a vent or window in a kitchen; a really masculine-looking guy chopping up some stuff vigorously with a meat cleaver]
        In many ways, I’m just an ordinary guy with an ordinary life.

        [in a movie theater; a dark silhouette walks past the screen]
        I’ve spent years perfecting the art of being forgettable.

        [at the grocery store, pushing a cart; turning down an aisle, following a woman, briefly]
        [picture of bloody ice @ 0:22 (link)]
        See? I’m just like the guy next door. If the guy next door kills people.

        [on a bike; a shadow as he rides down the street]
        [picture of bloody chair @ 0:27 (link)]
        Serial killer…such a flawed choice of words.

        [waiting on a subway platform as a train arrives and slows; a reflection of him in the windows and doors of the train (link)]
        It makes it sound repetitive, like reenacting something over and over with no idea what you’re doing, but I have an idea.

        [close-up of pigeons eating crumbs]
        [picture of bloody chair @ 0:46 (link)]
        I choose my friends very carefully.

        [a wig shop; pan over close-ups of mannequins modeling aforementioned wigs]
        Eight people. Eight people who lived to change the lives of many, who died to change the lives of more.

        [at a tavern; someone places a beer on the counter in front of him; he picks it up]
        I’m not done yet…and if you play nice…

        [the screen goes black]
        I’ll let you watch.

        [a picture of Dee; CU on key necklace (link)]
        [Infinity signature (link)]

        [end tape]

        • Because Dee never misses a step, she updates her blog about this package, copying and pasting the letter.
        • A phrase from the letter, “I am always thinking of you,” turns out to be the key to the next website, iamalwaysthinkingofyou.com. (This turns out to be the solution to the cake, also, in case you were wondering.)
        • On the website are side-by-side videos of smoke rings. Using a Polybius square, which combines the numbers from both videos to make one letter, you get “summonthevictim.”
        • Which, you know, leads to a YouTube account, summonthevictim, with one video on it, with text laid out over a Ouija board (that has only 26 digits on it–and flames at the edges, so my guess is it’s about the firefighter; either that, or the Ouija board is ACTUALLY ON FIRE):

        Summon the victim you seek with a video, and then ask him a question.
        He may just respond.

        • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, F8 has another sleep therapy session. Good times are had by all. Luck is a lady, and F8 rolls some dice.

        Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #7

        IRIS: F8. So nice to see you again. How have you been sleeping this week?

        F8: Hey there. I’ve been well. I think I’ve made tremendous progress over the past few weeks. In fact there’s a good chance I won’t be needing our weekly sessions much longer…I’m thinking of switching things up a bit.

        IRIS: I see. Well, it’s always good to know someone has achieved superb sleep, and if you find you’re still having trouble, you can always come back.

        F8: Yeah, that’s what I figured. I would definitely be disappointed to find myself back at square one after all this work, but then again, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward.

        IRIS: I’m confident that won’t be the case, but anything is possible.

        F8: So true, Iris. When you have things to chance, possibilities can be…infinite. But chance can always be cheated–fate, on the other hand, fate, as they say…les jeux sont faits.

        IRIS: I’m sorry–what was that?

        F8: Ohhhh, I guess you’re English only, it’s um…never mind. See you soon, Iris.

        IRIS: Bye bye.

        • The dice are rolled as followed (according to what is facing the camera–though there’s been some debate as to whether or not these numbers are the important ones, or if it should be, say, what would be facing F8, or the numbers on top): 1-1 / 5-5 / 1-2 / 6-1 / 2-5. I stole this picture from the user Gideon which is a photo of all five rolls.
        • Oh yeah. P.S., F8, I know you’re not real, but I love getting mail. Even mail from fake people. I’m just saying.


        9/5/2010: Sunday

        Dee posts a blog update urging hunters to submit their videos to F8 at summonthevictim. Also, best episode of Mad Men yet.


        9/6/2010: Monday

        Dee posts a video response to summonthevictim.


        Okay, thanks for your video, angelnorelation. You’re right. If, uh, you guys are gonna do it, I should too, so…Infinity, if this is the way it has to be done, then…let’s play.

        Okay, so, unknown victim, I am officially summoning you. Who are you? What’s your identity? When did you die? Where are you? Can you tell me anything that might be helpful?

        Oh, and uh, one more thing…be sure to tell the guy who took your life that I’m coming for him.


        9/7/2010: Tuesday

        summonthevictim posts video responses, leading to iamvoodooman.com, which gives a presumed date of death for our dearly departed fireman. Dee posts her 7th briefing and names the man as “Lance Andrewson,” who, as it turns out, has a Facebook.

        • summonthevictim posts four video responses to the following questions: Who? Where? How? Why?
        • So, as was hopefully suggested by the fact that I linked it twice, the response “I am voodooman” leads to iamvoodooman.com. On that website is a video of a voodoo doll dressed up as a fireman burning, with the video date 2/24/09, which is presumably the date of the victim’s death.
        • Dee adds a new briefing:


        Hey guys. Thanks for joining us again after the holiday weekend. I know many of you spent the weekend busy hunting, so, thank you for that.

        All right. First of all, good work finding the site with the burning voodoo doll. Based on the evidence you guys discovered there I’ve been looking into past cases involving firefighters, but nothing relevant was coming up. However, using the date in the video, I was able to find one case involving a missing firefighter in Pennsylvania. His name was Lance Andrewson, and this is really bizarre, but he disappeared in a warehouse while responding to a fire alarm, which turned out to be a false alarm. Yeah, well, I’m sure you know what I’m thinking, but either way, we don’t have a body, so there’s no proof yet. We’re not done here.

        All right, I also have another update. For the past few weeks I’ve been looking into the Sleep Superbly company. I’ve finally gotten in touch with their CEO, Colin Trebold, but the problem is, is he’s being really tight-lipped, and what with me not being legal law enforcement anymore, I cannot compel him to talk. I’ve shared my information with the guys at the FBI, but you know how bureaucratic BS works–it’s gonna take weeks for anything to go through. We don’t have that kind of time.

        I’ll share Trebold’s statement on my blog, but uh, truthfully, it’s not all that helpful.

        All right, guys. There’s still work to be done, so let’s keep hunting. Thanks.

        • Here’s a picture of that news article from the briefing (click on it to view it full size):

        Hero Firefighter Mysteriously Vanishes

        Philadelphia – Firefighter and local hero, Lance Andrewson, has gone missing. The husband and father of two was last seen by his fellow firefighters a week ago on February 24th while they were responding to an alleged warehouse fire on the Delaware River waterfront. The incident, however, turned out to be a false alarm. According to accounts from Lance’s colleagues, they all entered the building and then split up to locate the fire. However, when it became evident that there was no fire, the men regrouped outside – only Lance was mysteriously nowhere to be found.

        Police have since examined the entire warehouse, but their investigation has turned up nothing as of yet. Both Lance’s fellow firefighters and police investigators alike are baffled by Lance’s disappearance, but are pledging to continue the search at any cost.

        Lance is best known for the act of bravery he demonstrated during a school fire in 2007. He risked his own life by re-entering the building after evacuation to rescue three children who had been trapped, and due to his actions, they are all alive today. Since the fire, the local Philadelphia community has coined Lance as a hero. Police are asking for anyone with information regarding Lance’s disappearance to come forward.

        • Who is Lance Andrewson, you ask, and how can I better get to know him? Well, looks like he has a Facebook profile. His profile picture is the voodoo doll, because he’s obviously a voodoo man. And his status sayeth:
          • I’m looking to visit some new friends. Who can I come visit? Message me.
        • Messages do get responses, and several users send in their addresses.
        • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a mysterious guest appears in the IRC channel #safehaven:

        • This leads to 4514544331.com. There are the blinking words “LUCK ISN’T FAIR” underneath a beckoning black Maneki Neko cat–a Japanese symbol of luck that’s often used in a monetary context (such as, you know, piggy banks). The coin on the bottom is the traditional coin for the Maneki Neko, specifying a certain amount of ryo, but the top is the kanji for “takara,” which means “treasure.


        9/8/2010: Wednesday

        lucklesslottery.com is found, leading to the IP address, which contains a countdown clock that hits zero on Friday at 4:08 p.m. EST.

        • A whole lot of guesswork leads to lucklesslottery.com, which allows the user to play, but never actually win. It turns out the only way to win is the classic Konami Code, a well-known gaming cheat code. To win, press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start (Enter). Do it before you click “generate.”
        • Upon winning, the words “Congratulations! You cheated! You won!” will scroll across the bottom of the screen. The winning numbers: 18-4-10-6-32-17.
        • Use these for the IP address There is a website titled “THROWDOWN” with images of hands forming rock, paper, and scissors. It says, “To play you will need the following components:” and follows with images of a webcam, headphones, and a microphone. A countdown clock expires at 4:08 p.m. EST on Friday 9/10/2010 (Friday).


        9/9/2010: Thursday

        The dog tag is solved, leading to 172431.com, which has more footage from the Zeizels’ security camera.


        • Presumably, “our path is irreversible” is the hint that it refers to the time stamp-reversed security footage from sarahzeizel.com/unanimous (direct link). “The beginning, the middle, and the end” part of the clue refers to the time code in the video–the true beginning being at 17 seconds, the middle at 24, and the end at 31; hence, 173134.com.
        • There you will find extended footage from the Zeizels’ camera, including F8 walking out to his car (license plate not visible, in case you were wondering) and Tyler Zeizel’s car approaching.


        9/10/2010: Friday

        The rock, paper, scissors tournament from leads to a website, areyouakiller.com. This website leads to another–surplusmedsupply.com. Dee posts the statement from the CEO of Sleep Superbly. Afterwards, F8 has his eighth dream therapy session and posts a testimonial on the Sleep Superbly website, linking to a YouTube video (from f8reveals) featuring Dee and presumably F8 himself as kids, revealing F8’s identity–Driscoll Connor, who saved Dee’s life from a serial killer as kids. Dee responds.

        • At 4:08 p.m. EST, the countdown on changes to a link: Throwdown @ Vivu Interactive (you can go there now to view a recording of the event). It turns out some people from the World RPS Society (which is both legit and awesome) are in charge of the match, which is basically a huge online videoconferencing RPS tournament. While the tournament is not without some serious technical difficulties, in the end, after there’s a winner, a short message from F8 plays: “Those are some killer hands you’ve got. By chance, are you a killer? Either way, congratulations.”
        • This leads to areyouakiller.com. There is a series of 8 Rorschach tests, to which you have to get the correct answer (which is actually always the name of the image). Even though I can and will provide you with a link directly to the prize, I’ll still tell you what the answers are:
          1. dead body
          2. skull
          3. gun
          4. tooth
          5. burning man
          6. knife
          7. bullets
          8. heart
        • Getting all of these right will get you to a video (underneath which it says, “It appears that you may have the qualities of a killer. Watch this video to cure yourself”), which is basically a 2001: A Space Odyssey-come-serial-killer-movie montage of disturbing images cut together quickly to trigger a seizure if you are an epileptic.
        • Hidden in the video is an image a lot like those found in Dee’s hacked briefings:

        • So that leads to surplusmedsupply.com, which, as it suggests, purports to sell surplus medical supplies to those in need of them in the Miami area. On the page are an address–which seems to be fictional–and an e-mail address, from which nobody gets a response.
        • While all this is happening, Dee posts the statement from the CEO of Sleep Superbly, Colin Trebold. He says that the site has been experiencing some technical difficulties, but apart from that, refuses to give up the goods.
        • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, F8 posts his eighth dream therapy session:

        Transcript: F8 Therapy Video Session #8

        IRIS: F8. Welcome back.

        F8: Hi there, Iris. Back in the office today. I’m, uh, expecting visitors soon, so I have to…clean up a bit.

        IRIS: That is nice. I am glad to see that you are being social. How has your sleep been?

        F8: Let’s just say that personal experience makes me less than…convinced that therapy can cure all evil, but after this, I’m definitely warming up to the idea.

        IRIS: I am glad to hear that you are having a beneficial experience.

        F8: You know, I think I’m in the midst of a, uh, revelation. I’m actually considering posting a testimonial on your site.

        IRIS: Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

        F8: Ah…you know, Iris, I don’t have much else to say. Maybe that’s a sign that I’m ready to proceed on my own.

        IRIS: Proceeding on your own is a big step. You have been an exceptional candidate for sleep therapy.

        F8: Thanks, Iris. You know, when we started this process, we knew that our time would have to end at some point. This is a good thing, though. All things must come to an end.

        IRIS: Congratulations, F8. Best of luck in your future, and remember that you are welcome to come back if you like.

        F8: Thank you, and I appreciate the invite, Iris. I mean, who knows? Maybe it’s meant to be.


        I was quite the skeptic when it came to therapy, but I must say, Sleep Superbly has completely changed my mind. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, especially those who’ve had experiences that keep them up at night.

        • Get the popcorn. It’s time for a movie.


        THERAPIST: So can you tell me your name?

        DRISCOLL: Driscoll…

        THERAPIST: Okay, and how old are you?

        [cut to Dee]

        DEE: I’m nine years old, I’m almost 10. My birthday’s in August.

        THERAPIST: Oh really. Well, happy–

        THERAPIST: The reason we brought you here today is to ask you some questions. Is that okay?

        [she nods]

        [jump to Driscoll]

        THERAPIST: Describe for me what happened that day?

        DRISCOLL: It’s not my fault. He made me do it.

        THERAPIST: Driscoll, no one’s trying to bl–

        THERAPIST: Can you tell me about the man? The one who took you?

        [Dee shakes her head]

        THERAPIST: You don’t wanna talk about that?


        THERAPIST: How about the little boy, the one who was there with you? Can you tell me a little bit about him?

        DEE: He’s nice.

        [she mumbles something I can’t hear]

        [jump to Driscoll]

        THERAPIST: Who else was there?

        DRISCOLL: A girl.

        THERAPIST: And can you tell me a little bit more about this girl, Driscoll?

        DRISCOLL: We’re going to a movie tomorrow.

        [the video jumps; now we see Driscoll drawing something]

        THERAPIST: Do you still have those dreams, Driscoll?

        DRISCOLL: Sometimes.

        [jump to Dee]

        DEE: …of the spinning gun. It was gonna be me.

        [back to Driscoll]

        THERAPIST: And are they about the man with the spinning gun?

        [Driscoll shakes his head]

        DRISCOLL: Not anymore.

        THERAPIST: So, then, can you tell me what they are about? Driscoll?

        [he holds up what he’s been drawing–a number 8]

        [cut to Dee]

        THERAPIST: Your mother told me you used to love ballet. Why don’t you wanna do that anymore?

        [Dee shrugs]

        [cut to Driscoll and then back to Dee]

        THERAPIST: What about the kids at school? Why aren’t you hanging out with them as much as you used to?

        DEE: I don’t know. They don’t like me anymore. They think I’m weird.

        THERAPIST: Weird? Why?

        DEE: Because of what happened.

        [cut to Driscoll, who puts his hands over his face, and then gets up and leaves the table; cut to news article, and then back to Dee]

        [end of tape]

        • Those articles (click to view full size):

        Serial Killer Killed by Child

        Miami – Two children, Driscoll Connor and Dee Pratt, are in police custody this morning after having been abducted and held captive for three days by an unidentified man that authorities know only as “The Roulette Killer.”

        According to police the children were able to escape their captor when 8-year-old Driscoll Connor obtained a gun and shot him in the chest. Authorities have now confirmed that the man did not survive the incident. As a matter of procedure, both children will undergo a complete medical examination, and will be questioned about the incident before being released back into their parent’s custody.

        Authorities had been searching for the mysterious Roulette Killer since 1979. He is known to be responsible for at least 7 child murders, and was given his moniker based on his obsession with the concept of chance. Oddly enough, he would never directly carry out any murders himself, but rather force his victims to kill each other. According to accounts from survivors, he would make them play his own twisted games of chance to decide which of them would have to die at the others hands. At this time, authorities are not expecting to file any charges against Driscoll, as the incident was clearly an act of self-defense.

        Boy hailed as hero after brush with serial killer

        Miami – 8-year-old Driscoll Connor is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a young girl – Dee Pratt – last week from a vicious serial killer. Both children were kidnapped separately and taken to a basement in a remotely located house. There they endured a nightmare scenario in which the mysterious “Roulette Killer” forced them to play a child-like game that Driscoll referred to ass “Spin-the-gun.” This game was supposed to determine which of the children would have to kill the other.

        According to the children’s statements, when the gun stopped and pointed at Dee, the Roulette Killer instructed Driscoll to pick it up and shoot her. Driscoll instead turned the gun on the killer and shot him, ending his life. After thoroughly reviewing the incident, investigators have concluded that Driscoll’s actions were not only in self-defense. In fact, the police are hailing him as a hero. The children have not seen each other since the incident, but Dee’s family has expressed their gratitude to Driscoll for saving their daughter’s life.


        Hey guys. Uh, last week I mentioned that, um, this might be a personal thing, and that has been confirmed.

        Listen, there have been some things in my past…there have been some things in my past that I don’t talk about, but um, when I was eight years old, I was abducted–you guys saw the article, it was me and another little boy. The boy in the video. His name was Driscoll Connor. He was a child. He was forced to make a horrible choice and he saved my life.

        Okay, look. You don’t just recover from an experience like that. I didn’t, I…it changed my entire life. It’s the whole reason that I joined the FBI. It’s the reason that I started Justice By All.

        He’s…he’s become consumed with this idea of fate, which is kind of appropriate in a fucked-up kind of way. We take such opposite paths and then end up back in each other’s lives.

        So, there you go. I, uh, I would’ve shared this before, but it’s not really the kind of thing that you just…tell.

        You know, I’ve helped put away a lot of really, really bad people, and I thought that maybe one day one of them would try to retaliate, but I didn’t see this….

        So listen, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Driscoll, but what he’s become is unforgivable. I never really saw him again after the incident, so I’ve been looking into his life since then. From what I can tell, he left home after age 17 and, uh, just disappeared. No paper trail, nothing. But, we need to keep hunting, and uh, Driscoll, if you’re watching this–and I’m assuming you are–why?

        I’m sorry, but, you know that I…that we have to come after you.


        9/11/2010: Saturday

        Lance Andrewson “visits” one of his friends; iamalwaysthinkingofyou.com/memories is unveiled.

        • So, the user jsena333, or more affectionately (and more easily typed) called “Bang,” receives a “visit” from Lance. Sometime in the afternoon someone who looks like an undertaker shows up at his door to deliver an urn and read a eulogy. Inside the urn are ashes (….I guess that seems obvious but you never know), and a jewelry box with a ring, inscribed with “FOR MY LOVE LANCE.” Click the thumbnails to look closer. And thanks to Bang for letting me use them. Well, I asked. But he didn’t respond yet. But because I like to give him a hard time, even if he says no, I’m using them because I am a rebel.


        • So it leads to iamalwaysthinkingofyou.com/memories–a video taken by F8 as he follows Dee on numerous occasions, including one in which she actually talks to him on an elevator, which I have transcribed since I transcribe everything:

        DEE: Gorgeous weather today, huh?

        F8: Yes it is.

        DEE: I hope it sticks around for a little bit. I could use it.

        F8: Yeah. Hopefully it’s meant to be.

        DEE: Take care.

        F8: See you around.

        • Dee responds to the footage (and questions as to how she could’ve spoken to him and not known) in a new blog post, where she confirms that the footage was taken while she was still with the FBI. She also says that the Surplus Med Supply place has been “under suspicion for performing unlicensed plastic surgeries,” and she suspects that F8 altered his appearance.


        9/13/2010: Monday

        F8 hacks surplusmedsupply.com again, leading to the website for his business, Ananta Tech Labs, and his current identity, “Eric Somrock.” Except naturally by the time any law enforcement can get to him, he’s gone.

        • So it leads to Ananta Tech Labs, an IT company (based out of Miami) that works with all kinds of fun and exciting business and technologies, including but not limited to Sleep Superbly. Also the website reveals that it was founded by the self-made man Eric Somrock, 32, which is presumably F8’s current identity.
        • Naturally, however, that’s too easy, as Dee reports in a blog update that by the time police got to Ananta Tech Labs and to Eric Somrock’s residence, he was already gone.
        • …but she promises to share more information in her next briefing.


        9/14/2010: Tuesday

        Dee posts her 8th briefing promising an open Q&A between herself and the hunters on Thursday via YouTube. F8 pays a visit to her office after she leaves and posts his own briefing, leading to a whole lost of “Missed Connection” ads on Craigslist.


        Hey everybody. Um, okay, we have a lot to talk about today, but before anything else, I wanna give you an update on Ananta Tech Labs.

        As you know, after you found it, I delivered the info to the Miami P.D. I accompanied them to the scene, um…this is what we found.

        [footage of cleared-out Ananta Tech Labs]

        The fact that he led us here…um, we’re, we’re pretty certain now that Driscoll’s new identity is Eric Somrock. Uh, I guess that also explains how he’s been able to fund his activities. The fact that he’s led us right to him, to his new identity–you wouldn’t do that if you didn’t have some kind of larger game plan, an endgame…I dunno, we’ll just have to wait and see.

        Secondly…secondly. I know you guys have had a lot of questions after discovering my past the way you did and then learning how close he was able to get to me, and it must’ve been quite a shock for you. Think what it was for me. I…I get that you guys are upset, but I also know that you understand that this is hitting me pretty hard.

        So, listen. Let’s clear the air. On Thursday, I’m gonna have an open Q&A with you guys via my YouTube channel. I’ll give you more info later, but I’m gonna ask you guys to upload your questions via video and then I’ll do the same with my responses. I know that I’ve asked a lot of you through this process and you have delivered more than I could possibly imagine, so, to all my hunters: I just want you to know that I appreciate all that you’ve done, all that you do. So, I’ll see you then.

        • A couple hours after the briefing, @f8speaks comes alive again with one tweet: “well, since i got a visit, i think i should return the favor.”
        • Shortly thereafter, a new post shows up in Dee’s blog titled ‘Briefly,’ featuring a jumbled-up video of F8 delivering a message from the comfort of Dee’s office. I’m not going to post a transcript of the out-of-order version, but I WILL post the in-order version.

        Dee, I have to say, I really like your setup here. It’s, uh, so austere, such a great place to think…I was hoping to bump into you, but I guess that’s my fault for coming in announced. It really is, a, uh, unfortunate missed connection. I guess today just isn’t my lucky day. We’ll reconnect sooner or later and I just hope you don’t get cold feet. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

        Oh yeah, one more thing: go hunt.

        • The “unfortunate missed connection” thing is a clue to check out the “missed connection” ads on Craigslist. In every city in which F8 is known to have killed someone, an ad shows up titled “Unfortunate Missed Connection”: three in Miami, and one each in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Richmond, San Diego and Chicago, bringing the total to 8. (Do you think the number 8 is important in this game?)
        • So each ad has a few words followed by a bunch of blank spaces, but when combined into one ad, they make this:

        It’s been years since I’ve seen you in person. It’s been even longer since you’ve seen me. I went by your place today hoping that you might be there but apparently I just missed you. Such a shame. I was hoping to have the opportunity to catch up. If it’s fated for you to find this then I hope you take the time to respond. I’m sure I’d recognize you in a crowd of thousands. Hopefully I can hear your voice again. I have so much to share.


        9/15/2010: Wednesday

        Dee updates her blog to let everybody know that she’s not dead yet, and that she’s responded to F8’s missed connections. Later, she posts his reply, which leads to his e-mail address and has his password hidden inside.

        • And here’re those cupcakes in higher definition:

        • (Based on the image names, Dee is a Mac user. In case you were wondering.)
        • Using the same substitution code that solved the cipher on the cake Dee received from F8 a while back, the cupcakes decode to “GO HUNT.”
        • It turns out “gohunt” is the password to F8’s e-mail account, which is listed in the e-mail Dee received from him as f8thegr8@yahoo.com. (Login here.)
        • In the “drafts” folder is a bunch of ASCII art. Seven of the images match up to images we’ve already seen from various crime scenes–one per victim. The eighth is a simple infinity symbol. Click the thumbnails for more detail:


        • For posterity’s sake, here’s the stuff from f8thegr8’s info page. Somehow I doubt that, considering anyone has access to this e-mail address now, it’s going to stay undisturbed for very long.


        • And last but not least, in her blog update, Dee also says she still intends to move forward with Thursday’s Q&A and plans to start answering questions around 1:00 p.m.


        9/16/2010: Thursday

        Dee hosts her Q&A session on her YouTube, which is gatecrashed by F8, who starts with submitting his own question (which leads to a new website, theendisnearing.com) and interrupts a later video with an angry phone call. Dee reveals in her blog that she fabricated all the clues from the day before involving “f8thegr8,” and that F8, in a close call with authorities, ditched his lodging and most of his things, leaving behind a mysterious list of 18 SerialHuntress.com users. At 8 p.m. CST, theendisnearing.com–with a ustream channel embedded in it–goes live.

        • Six videos–an introduction and five questions–go live at Dee’s YouTube channel without incident:

        Serial Huntress Q&A Intro

        Okay everyone. Before we get started I just wanted to say a few words. Uh, so much has happened in the past few days. You guys have learned some pretty shocking things about me, and really I’ve learned a few new things as well. But we are so close now. We know his identity. I think there’s no question that he’s gonna pop up again soon.

        That’s why I’ve decided to do this. I just think that now, more than ever, we need to stay tight, so, let’s use this Q&A to clear the air. I encourage you guys to ask anything you want.

        And, on that note, elros: you buyin?

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 1

        What was the nature of your relationship with the Infinity Killer?

        Hey quiteso. First of all, let me say thank you for your involvement on this investigation. You’ve brought a lot to the table and I really appreciate that.

        Um, so, to answer your question, I actually did not see Driscoll after the incident. I went back and looked at that movie comment, um, but I don’t think it had anything to do with me. He actually seemed kind of detached. That being said, although I didn’t see him again, he was the only person in the world that could relate to my situation. You know, I always felt comforted that somebody else out there knew what I was going through. I guess I didn’t understand what he was going through, though. There are no excuses for his actions.

        To answer your other question, we obviously shared a common past, and now we know that he has been following me for quite some time. Based on these facts, it’s clear that I’ve been some kind of a larger plan of his. I don’t know specifically what that plan is, but I do think it’s safe to say that he thinks our fates are intertwined.

        I hope that answers your question.

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 2

        Why is the Infinity Killer obsessed with sleep and dreams? What links the Infinity Killers victims together?

        SuperTimevans, to answer your first question, why is he obsessed with sleep and dreams? Well there are a couple ways to look at this. Maybe sleep is a metaphor for death. It could also be that given our childhood experience he developed a sleep disorder. Maybe there are other symbolic meanings, but I think we can be certain about one thing: that he is using this site as a platform to communicate with the world, albeit in an encrypted form.

        For your second question about what links his victims: well, after these past few weeks, I’ve been coming to the same conclusion as you. His victims all have the power to control the fate of others. You saw the ouija board video. I think you’re right on track.

        Thanks for being part of the team.

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 3

        What flavor was the cake F8 sent you, and was it any good?

        snooties! Thank you for your question about the cake. Uh, first of all the cake was chocolate inside, and it did indeed look pretty tasty, which leads me to your second question: when a serial killer sends you a cake, it’s probably not the best idea to eat it.

        That’s all I got on that one. Thanks.

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 4

        What does your key necklace mean? Why aren’t you at the FBI anymore? What do you know about Driscoll? What was the aftermath after the Roulette killer?

        Hey, Angel. By the way, thank you for all your help in this investigation. You are an absolutely vital part of this process, so thank you.

        So, uh, about my key necklace. It’s actually something my mother gave me after my childhood experience with the Roulette Killer. She said it would always help me to choose my own path, and I’ve worn it pretty much ever since. I’m glad you like it.

        Uh, so, why am I not in the FBI anymore? Uh…basically it’s not that I have anything against the FBI; I just think that there’s more than one way to catch serial killers. That’s why I started the crowdsourced crime solving venture. And, by the way, it’s people like you, Angel, who are proving how powerful this new concept is.

        Um, I’ve already answered some of your other questions in my response to quiteso, but about your question regarding the videos, uh, these were actually taken during two different times in my FBI career. Uh, the one where I was on the street was in D.C., and the other was taken when I briefly worked in New York. Uh, I’m still shocked that he was able to get so close to me.

        Uh, for your question regarding the Roulette Killer. This is…this is actually something I’ve spent my entire life trying to forget. No one really knew much about him, not even the police. All we really know was that he was obsessed with the idea of chance, and uh, yes, there were other victims, but I never met ’em.

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 5

        Why do you like sitting in the dark?

        MaestroCalhoun, I wanna thank you for your critique. Uh, I can tell it’s extremely relevant to this case. The only thing I have to say is, um…I ain’t in the dark now! So there you go.

        • At about this time, @f8speaks emerges again with two Tweets, about an hour apart:
          • and now to deal with my friend’s most irritating, though entertaining, diversion…
          • oh come on, youtube. as if i wasn’t annoyed enough already… now you delay my little intervention? i think not. http://bit.ly/cV0r5t
        • That link is to F8’s own question for Dee on YouTube:

        Serial Huntress Q&A: Question from your friend F8

        Hey Dee. I have a question: can you feel that the end is nearing?

        • So again, that leads to a new website, theendisnearing.com. At the time F8 posts the video, the page is blank apart from the text “THE END IS NEARING.”
        • Dee responds, and then thereafter, goes back to responding to more questions, only to be interrupted.

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 6

        F8’s question.

        Hey. I thought you might pop in. Your question sounds familiar…why–why is that? Yeah, I guess it is irritating when you lose control. Although, no, I thought fate was in control, so this is all according to plan, right?

        You know, ever since you saved me, I remembered you as a hero, but now with your revelation the other day I’m staring to see you in a whole new light. So I’ve been going over and over our experience together and I finally worked up the nerve to go and get the files from the Roulette case. You will never guess what I found!

        [she holds up a picture of the gun on her iPad, zooming in on an infinity symbol carved on the gun]

        Seriously? This is your grand inspiration?

        I still remember when he told you to pick up this gun and shoot me that you were just this frightened little boy, but you got this strange calm about yourself, and, and you gripped the gun with both hands and you whispered through your teeth–you remember what you said? “You can’t make me.”

        Well, I’d say he made you. He made you into some unoriginal copycat version of himself. I mean, come on. “Fate”? Really? Is that supposed to make you original? Oh, no, no, your little F8 game is nothing like Roulette’s sick games of chance. Nooo.

        Let me tell you something: fate is chance in disguise, and you are nothing but a wannabe Roulette Killer who happens to know how to hack stuff. What you are is probably exactly what he wanted, so congratulations.

        Serial Huntress Q&A Question 7

        DEE: Hi, macswake. Thank you for your question. Um, yes, I did piss off a lot of people, but I promise they were only bad people, some of them being serial killers, and you are correct, my past is now obviously extremely relevant to this ase, but I don’t think my years in the FBI are connected to the case we’re currently investigating. Except that yes, the people I put away, some of them ultimately got the death sentence, so you could argue that I controlled the fate of others, but, indirectly. I dunno, I guess–

        [phone rings; she answers]

        DEE: Hello? Okay. Well, here we go.

        [she puts it on speaker]

        F8: Wow. Now I’ve dealt with people who didn’t understand the first thing about me, but you really take the cake. You call yourself the serial huntress? You don’t have a clue about serial killers. And stop trying to pretend that you know me.

        DEE: Whoa whoa whoa, okay, easy there, easy there, you’re gonna work up a sweat.

        F8: For you to compare me to Roulette is just…so…pedestrian. Oh, sure, we both kill people. Who cares about our motives, or, or M.O., or the philosophical nuance of chance versus fate?

        DEE: Right, right.

        F8: Well, Dee, since it’s still not clear to you, it’s my fate that made me, and my fate manifested itself for the first time as a gun that happened to have a symbol on it. A symbol that I GAVE NEW MEANING. How’s that for original? Oh, I, I hope it helps your little Q&A. We’ll see how you feel about fate when it finds you.

        • Dee finally adds Lance Andrewson, F8’s firefighter victim, to the dossier.


            • DOB: On or before 2/24/1976
            • Death: most likely 2/24/2009
            • Aged: 33
            • Circumstances: Burned to death.
            • Location: Philadelphia, PA
            • Signature:

            • Etc.: Survived by a wife and two kids.


            • At about quarter to 8 EST, theendisnearing.com‘s text is replaced by a video from a ustream channel, theendisnearing. When it goes live at 8, it displays a door by a dingy street. A man in a black hoodie approaches the door and positions seven garden gnomes in front of it. I’m stealing a bunch of videos the user elros took with his phone of what was going on and put on YouTube so you can see some of the action.
            • This is a fairly accurate visual representation of how most people seemed to feel while watching the events of the second video transpire:

            • What does it all mean? The jury’s still out on this. As the night wears on–and as I type this, it is 4:16 a.m. EST (8.5 hours since the broadcast started), not a whole lot happens, but curiously, the gnomes begin to fall over and roll away. As I type this, only four of the original seven gnomes remain standing.
            • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dee posts a very important blog update. After a surprising stream of usefulness, this blog update continues the roll she’s on. Important points:
              • She made up the e-mails posted in her blog from the day before. Everything–the e-mail addresses, the cupcakes, the ASCII art–was her own. Apparently there was actually some code there, but nobody solved it.
              • …which means that she deliberately held back on F8’s real response to provoke him, hoping he’d take the bait and use her Q&A to drop the clue in that she blocked (presumably it was “The End is Nearing”).
              • She was able to trace his impulsive phone call back to his hotel, though he realized his mistake and got the hell outta dodge before the authorities were able to catch up…
              • …but he left behind a number of belongings in a rush, including a coat with a curious note written in the jacket pocket: a list of 18 SerialHuntress.com users. She urges everyone on the list to take extra caution.:


            9/17/2010: Friday

            The End Is Nearing broadcast, after running for something like 22 hours, ends with the discovery of a phone number that leads to a website, everythingiswritteninthestars.com, which leads to another website: weweremeanttomeetagain.com. Also, @f8speaks schedules that interview he promised a couple weeks back with ARGNet.

            • weweremeanttomeetagain.com features all of @f8speaks‘ Twitter follower avatars, and a message below them: We Were Meant to Meet Again: Please send the completed image to weweremeanttomeetagain@gmail.com.
            • What exactly that means, nobody is yet certain.
            • Meanwhile, @f8speaks tweets, “hmmm… maybe i should take a cue from dee’s ASCII puzzle.”
            • And then he sets up the interview promised to ARGNet, instructing @argn to tweet him 8 questions by 8 a.m. EST on Monday 9/20.


            9/18/2010: Saturday

            @f8speaks sends direct messages to his followers, each with a sentence fragment that leads to a drop.io URL, containing a portion of an image. They are meant to be combined to form a cohesive image and statement. Presumably this is “the completed image” puzzle mentioned on weweremeanttomeetagain.com. Also, Dee’s ASCII puzzle is solved, leading to a video she made at drop.io/f8nomore. (YouTube mirror.)

            • Dee’s ASCII puzzle, which she mentioned was unsolved in her last blog, now begs to be solved in the wake of f8’s cryptic “maybe I should take a cue from dee’s ASCII puzzle” tweet. Upon closer examination, the ASCII images (see above) contain some letters that are, for some reason, bold. When combined they form the phrase F8NOMORE, which turns out to be the code for a dropbox, drop.io/f8nomore. There, Dee has uploaded a video that’s basically a mocking mash-up of all of F8’s videos. (The audio comes from his “Hello” video.)
            • At this point most users presume, knowing the answer, that his tweet was referring to using hidden letters in a larger image to lead to something else–or, more specifically, the stars at everythingiswritteninthestars.com forming the phrase “we were meant to be together.”
            • In the evening, @f8speaks sends out a direct message to each of his Twitter followers with a sentence fragment. The capitalization that appears within each fragment leads to a drop.io URL–so, for example, my own fragment was “CaN, tO tHe sAmE eXtEnt,” so my drop.io is http://drop.io/CNOHAEXE.
            • To see a full list of sentence fragments and their corresponding drop.io addresses, check out my Google spreadsheet. (Note that since drop.io has gone the way of the dodo, these links are all gone. Unfortunately, unlike basically everything else in this game, I did not have each individual one backed up and even if I did, I can’t see why you’d want to see each individual piece enough for me to link to like 700 images. So there it is.)
            • Each drop.io has a small piece of a photograph, meant to be assembled to form a larger photo. The same goes with the words.
            • @f8speaks tweets: “let’s see how tight my friends are. granted, i have some friends in high places… like @TacoBell” (clearly it has not escaped his attention how often we make jokes about the fact that he follows @TacoBell. And who can blame him? Taco Bell is delicious).
            • A few hours later, the full photograph is assembled. It appears to be a composite of F8’s face and Dee’s. Thanks to elros for this:

            • …and the image is e-mailed to weweremeanttobetogether@gmail.com.


            9/19/2010: Sunday

            Dee updates her blog to assure users that she is not dead. F8 responds to e-mails of the completed image, saying that the words need to accompany it.

            • A new blog update from Dee updates hunters on the specifics of F8’s recent movements: that he cleared out his bank accounts and that his phone was used to call some hardware stores and gun stores, but that he didn’t make any known transactions at these places.
            • A couple people who e-mailed in the completed photo get a response from F8:

            Thank you. What a beautiful picture, a union of two connected souls.
            Though a picture is worth a thousand words, there’s 258 that, carefully ordered, form a message I’m looking for.

            • A complication: the broken text has to be put together and sent with the image. A further complication: even with all of the fragments combined, there aren’t 258 words, suggesting that not all the fragments have been posted yet. When someone points it out to him, F8 responds:

            the 56 pieces that formed the image yield all the words.

            • Much to the chagrin of many (probably mostly mine), by the end of the day, still only 55 fragments have surfaced.


            9/20/2010: Monday

            weweremeanttomeetagain.com is updated with a video that forms the completed photograph, but F8 indicates that the text part of the puzzle is still incomplete.

            • weweremeanttomeetagain.com is updated. The Twitter avatars are replaced with a video of the smaller triangles that were used to form the composite image of F8 and Dee turning into the completed photo.
            • The 56th fragment emerges, but despite several attempts, nobody is able to get it right. F8 confirms the accuracy of a few completed sentences (which can be seen on my spreadsheet–if it’s highlighted in blue, that means he confirmed it; orange means it is definitely incorrect), but not their ordering.
            • After undoubtedly several more attempts, F8 tweets:
              • my friends interpretations are so interesting… they make my words sound new.
              • it would be so easy to take one of their versions as my own… but i refuse to give up on their ability to find the right answer
            • To which I can only respond:


            9/21/2010: Tuesday

            After a couple of hints from F8, the weweremeanttomeetagain.com puzzle is completed; F8 takes the addresses of eight hunters to send them a “treat.” Dee adds her ninth and perhaps most ominous briefing.

            • While everyone is looking away, or perhaps asleep, someone–presumably F8–adds a tab to the WWMTMA spreadsheet (retrospectively this is probably in response to the attempt at finding the time stamps on the DMs from the fragments received from F8):

            • Then, in response to my most recent attempt at the correct caption for F8’s photograph, I get this e-mail (I’m including my own e-mail first):

            FROM: angelnorelation
            TO: weweremeanttomeetagain@gmail.com

            SUBJECT: take 17

            when you build your life on an idea, that idea can become the source of all your success.
            however, the very idea that drives your success can, to the same extent, be the cause of your collapse.
            a truly powerful idea, when you devote your life to it, can actually make an impact beyond your own life to the lives of countless others.
            this may come off as a romanticized notion to many modern individuals.
            but that’s only because, these days, although many claim to, very few people truly build their lives on an idea.
            and those that do become labeled as fanatic, militant, or simply insane.
            still, assume that there are people in this day and age who truly build their life on an idea.
            say you are one of these people.
            now, say the idea that you’ve built your life upon is the notion of justice, determined not by gods, kings, or appointed wisemen, but by every person with a desire to participate.
            the people and the idea become intertwined.
            by definition, your idea relies on the people who manifest it.
            if someone is aware of the power that idea holds over you, they can exploit it to their advantage, and by attacking the idea attack the very foundation of your existence.
            should anyone try to attack that idea, then to defend it would imply protecting the people who are part of it.
            if that happens, then you should be ready to die for your idea.
            so. would you risk dying for an idea?


            FROM: weweremeanttomeetagain@gmail.com
            TO: angelnorelation

            SUBJECT: Re: take 17

            With no less faith in my friends, but perhaps a little excitement to get to the next step, here are the parts you got right (although you have omitted 2 words, even within that):

            when you build your life on an idea, that idea can become the source of all your success.

            however, the very idea that drives your success can, to the same extent, be the cause of your collapse.

            a truly powerful idea, when you devote your life to it, can actually make an impact beyond your own life to the lives of countless others.

            this may come off as a romanticized notion to many modern individuals. but that’s only because, these days, although many claim to, very few people truly build their lives on an idea. and those that do become labeled as fanatic, militant, or simply insane. still, assume that there are people in this day and age who truly build their life on an idea.
            say you are one of these people. now, say the idea that you’ve built your life upon is the notion of justice, determined not by gods, kings, or appointed wisemen, but by every person with a desire to participate.

            the people and the idea become intertwined.

            by definition, your idea relies on the people who manifest it.

            if someone is aware of the power that idea holds over you, they can exploit it to their advantage, and by attacking the idea attack the very foundation of your existence.

            should anyone try to attack that idea, then to defend it would imply protecting the people who are part of it.

            so. would you risk dying for an idea?

            • So basically this confirms that all the sentences are correct, but they’re not in the right order and that I’m missing two words. So, I found the missing words and sent in several more attempts. Finally:

            FROM: angelnorelation
            TO: weweremeanttomeetagain@gmail.com

            SUBJECT: take 22

            when you build your life on an idea, that idea can become the source of all of your success.
            a truly powerful idea, when you devote your life to it, can actually make an impact beyond your own life to the lives of countless others.
            however, the very idea that drives your success can, to the same extent, be the cause of your collapse.
            if someone is aware of the power that idea holds over you, they can exploit it to their advantage, and by attacking the idea attack the very foundation of your existence.
            if that happens, then you should be ready to die for your idea.
            this may come off as a romanticized notion to many modern individuals.
            but that’s only because, these days, although many claim to, very few people truly build their lives on an idea.
            and those that do become labeled as fanatic, militant, or simply insane.
            still, assume that there are people in this day and age who truly build their life on an idea.
            say you are one of these people.
            now, say the idea that you’ve built your life upon is the notion of justice, determined not by gods, kings, or appointed wisemen, but by every person with a desire to participate.
            by definition, your idea relies on the people who help manifest it.
            the people and the idea become intertwined.
            should anyone try to attack that idea, then to defend it would imply protecting the people who are part of it.
            so. would you risk dying for an idea?


            FROM: weweremeanttomeetagain@gmail.com
            TO: angelnorelation

            SUBJECT: Re: take 22

            wow. what a poignant argument, the perfect caption for your image.
            Thank you for sharing, is there an address where you can be reached?

            • Then after sending in the address, there is one more e-mail: “Knock knock. You’ll be the first to get a treat.”
            • A little while later, @f8speaks tweets, “i would’ve expected to hear from more of my hard-working friends right about now…”
            • In response, several more people send in the above completed statement with the (further above) completed photo, and likewise have their addresses taken, until eight addresses have been selected. Then:
              • @f8speaks: those of you getting treats… be excited. and everybody else, don’t worry. the best is yet to come
            • Dee posts her ninth briefing. I’m going to paste in the text she included since it seems kind of important:

            Hi everybody. I’ve gotten a mailing from our killer and I’m going to confront him face to face. After I post this video, I’m about to go dark until that confrontation happens. None of this was an easy decision, I’d prefer to be completely transparent with you guys in the spirit of crowd-sourced crimesolving, but it’s what needs to be done. I understand that you’d do anything to push this investigation forward but I’m incredibly concerned that he now has physical addresses for some of you. Be cautious, those of you who sent them in. And like I said, wish me luck. Although, he’s gonna need it too. This bastard’s about to learn never to mess with my hunters.


            Hey guys. Um…so, based on the events of the past week, we knew that he was leading up to some kind of endgame, and uh, today I get this message in the mail.

            Uh, this is basically an invitation for me to meet him alone. No, I’m not stupid; I know that I am essentially walking into some kind of a trap here, but uh, well…that’s a risk I have to take.

            So, alone means no police, no backup, and it also means that I have to do this without you. Now, I’m sorry; you guys have been my partners in this–some of you from the very beginning–but now I have to go it alone.

            I don’t know what I’m walking into here, but no matter what happens, I want all of you to know that I truly appreciate all the contributions that every single one of you has made. You are all genuine hunters. I couldn’t have done it without you. I mean that. So thank you. And wish me luck.

            • And here is a screencap of that bit of the card that we can see (the front, for the record, says “Guest of Honor”):

            • And as of 2:05 AM PST on September 22nd (happy birthday Bilbo and Frodo Baggins), that’s all she wrote. Except for murder. Murder, she wrote.


            9/22/2010: Wednesday

            The hunters who were supposed to receive treats from F8 do: gnomes from theendisnearing, each with a word written on the back. weweremeanttomeetagain.com is updated first with the gnomes, and then, as the words are filled in, it turns into a countdown clock (expiring at 4:08 p.m. EST tomorrow, Thursday 9/23). A Dexter ARG finale trailer surfaces. Dee’s radio silence continues.

            • In the morning, gnomes begin arriving on doorsteps across the Americas. On the back of each gnome, a unique word. (Click thumbnails to view full size.)


            • weweremeanttomeetagain.com updates again, this time with images of the backsides of eight gnomes and blank spaces on each, presumably to be filled in by the words. As the gnomes arrive and the word order is figured out, the blank spaces begin to get filled in, until the completes message reads IF YOU GO HUNT PLEASE WATCH YOUR BACK.
            • When the message is complete, a countdown timer appears on the website, set to expire at 4:08 p.m. EST on Thursday 9/23:

            • By the way, who’s that super attractive lady at 00:21?
          • Also, do you guys think this could be related to the case? Discuss.


          9/23/2010: Thursday

          The countdown clock at weweremeanttomeetagain.com hits 0, and leads to a redesigned SerialHuntress.com page, in which users can view the final showdown between F8 and Dee and vote on who lives and who dies. F8 dies. My devastation is boundless.

          • After hours of anticipation, the countdown clock hits zero:

          • ….aaaaand nothing happens.
          • @f8speaks tweets:
            • sometimes you just have to wait for fate
            • dee says she’s running an hour behind. well, that’s no way to treat an old friend, but i’m a patient man
            • maybe she doesn’t want to show up until she can update her facebook status?
          • The countdown timer resets itself to go off at about 5:35 EST. After passing the hour on Twitter (I will share one awesome @reply because I can, but you can see them all at @f8speaks), F8 signs off:
            • @_Seeker @angelnorelation i do like the beatles. let it be strikes is a personal favorite
            • well now, that was even worse than a typo. clearly the excitement is getting to me
            • thanks everyone for entertaining me while i waited. i have to sign off now and focus. time is of the essence. stay fresh my friends
          • This time when the countdown clock hits zero, it forwards to a redesigned SerialHuntress.com:

          • While the following videos play (they’re now available on YouTube, so I’m including them), users are invited to vote via Twitter and Facebook on whether to #killdee or #killinfinity. Trying to physically count them was, in the end, fairly inconclusive. It was a really close call. And, by the way, I seriously don’t forgive you if you voted #killinfinity.




          F8: Dee, so nice to see you. I’m glad you could make it.

          DEE: Driscoll.

          F8: Oh, please, join me.

          DEE: It’s not a courtesy call. Let’s just get straight to the point.

          F8: Always focused. I can appreciate that. But just because you’re dealing with a killer doesn’t mean we can’t be civil.

          [Dee takes off her jacket; sits]

          DEE: All right. I’m here. I’m alone. Are my hunters safe?

          F8: If you mean, am I going to kill them? then yes, they’re safe. But just because they’re going to live doesn’t mean that their fate isn’t sealed.

          DEE: What is that supposed to mean? What a–what are you going to do to them?

          F8: Let’s just say it’s already over for all of us. You see, as of right now, an automatic rifle is pointed directly at your head. No-no, don’t move! It’s set to trigger if your head moves too far outside of the line of fire, and trust me–you may have fast reflexes, but you’d have to be Neo to, um, get out of this, so my advice is: keep your head as steady as possible. I mean I really wouldn’t want you to die…by accident. If it makes you feel better though, there’s another rifle juuuust like it pointed straight at my head, too, so once again, we’re in the same boat.

          DEE: I knew my chances when I came here. What does this have to do with them?

          F8: Well, see I was just about to get to that. See, assuming that both of us can keep our heads straight, neither of those rifles is going to fire until a timer runs out, but between now and then, though, your precious hunters have to decide which of us should die. Oh, you know that they’re watching right now. It’s all live; it’s on your site. Here–take a look.

          [she looks alarmed]

          F8: Oh, I uh, I did a little redecorating. So yeah, it’s a simple system: two buttons, once choice…kinda reminds me of the last time we were facing each other, except this time I’m not the one holding a gun. Also in case you’re wondering, the uh…timer starts now.

          DEE: So. You’re making everybody else do your dirty deed, huh? You know, I’m pretty sure that not all of them are as disturbed as you are. What if they don’t play?

          F8: You found my loophole! No. I’m just kidding. See if all of our friends get to the site and then exit out, or if they just sit there and watch like not-so-innocent bystanders, then both rifles go off and they kill us both, so at this point they don’t really have a choice whether or not to kill…they can only choose who.

          DEE: Well, I have some news. Um…you may not be holding a gun, but…I am. And it’s pointed at you under the table. I really didn’t wanna have to shoot you in front of all these people, but I gotta say I’m warming up to the idea.

          F8: I see. Wow, that’s pretty stealthy of you pulling your gun out. I didn’t even notice. But to answer you, well–you can pretty safely assume that these people are about to witness one if not two executions.

          DEE: Fair enough.

          F8: So, yes, you could shoot me. I’d really hate that though, and not just because of the, uh, angle that you’re pointing at, but because I’ve clearly gone through some trouble to pull this all together and it really would be a shame to let it all go to waste. But even if you do shoot me, I don’t think it’s going to do you much good. See, I uh, shoulda mentioned this sooner, but if my head falls out of the line of that rifle before the timer runs out, then both rifles will automatically go off, so…really, waiting until our friends make their choice is the only chance you have to make it out of this alive.

          DEE: Well that’s assuming I believe everything you’ve just told me.

          F8: True, but how about this: rather than trusting my moral integrity, you could trust that I’ve accounted for every scenario. I mean, I’ve only been planning this for 15 years. Doubt me at your own risk.

          [She looks around uncertainly, then finally seems to decide to he’s right. She sighs.]

          DEE: So. This is your grand masterpiece, huh? Just leave it all up to fate? You know, throughout this entire process, I thought we were chasing a deranged psychopath, and I–well, maybe I was right, but, you know…I’m actually starting to feel a little pity for you. You know, I…I don’t think those sleep sessions are working out for you. If you do end up being the one to walk away from this, you might want to consider getting some real help.

          F8: Ouch! So now I’m not only a deranged psychopath, but my online therapy sessions are somehow to blame? Come on, Dee! Don’t pick on Iris! You might not have noticed this, but um…she’s not a real person. I mean come on, that’s almost as bad as making fun of a killer you failed to catch.

          DEE: Oh well, maybe it was fate not to catch you. I mean everything is written in the stars, right? Oh–there’s a, there’s a problem with that. You know? Fate may have made you a killer, but when you saved me, you also became a hero. You chose your own path. This was never about fate. This is about a choice that you made.

          WAITER: Your champagne, sir.

          [He sets the glasses and bottle down in front of them and takes his time uncorking it.]

          WAITER: There you go. Is there anything else I can get you?

          F8: Um…no, I think we’re fine.

          WAITER: Okay.

          F8: Uh–unless you want something else.

          DEE: I’m good.

          [The waiter leaves.]

          F8: Cheers.

          DEE: To what? A bright future?

          F8: No, it’s just–right now’s the first time in 15 years that I haven’t had to plan ahead, so uh…here’s to living in the moment.

          [He drinks.]

          F8: Mmm. That really is good. Where were we? Oh. Right. My “supposed” choice. See, the problem with your point of view is that you see things in term of right and wrong, killer versus hero, but…my view of the world is quite different.

          DEE: You don’t say.

          F8: So when Roulette put the gun in my hand, I could feel that my fate was sealed. I had to shoot. I had to kill. All I could choose is where to aim, so…with that, you say that I made a better choice, a moral choice, saving the innocent girl from the evil serial killer, but I didn’t do that. I didn’t choose to shoot him because he was evil; I shot him, as you so aptly pointed out in your Q-and-A, because when he put the gun in my hand and told me to shoot, my gut instinct said, “You can’t make me.” So yes. He already turned me into a serial killer, but in a split second, pointing that gun away from you…I went from being the powerless victim to taking control away from someone who thrived on controlling the fate of others, including my own. That was my choice, and…I believe my fate.

          DEE: Wow. I have to say I’m fairly impressed with that level of, uh, involvement into the justifications. It’s almost like you spent the better part of the last 15 years just coming up with that argument. It’s really a shame nobody buys it but you.

          F8: That’s debatable.

          DEE: Ah, well yeah, maybe you–maybe you will get some more followers outta this one. I mean after all, this is a pretty fantastic publicity stunt. I know how you operate. You come up with some divine reason that explains away all the evil things that you’ve done, and then you expect the rest of us to buy into your ridiculous dogma. I don’t know who you’ve got watching right now, and maybe there are a couple crazies in the crowd…my guess? Most of the people viewing this little spectacle of yours aren’t exactly seeing through the distorted perspective of a serial killer. No…I’d say that what they’re seeing is not a guy who’s acting out some pre-ordained purpose. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure they understand they’re just watching a guy who’s lost his mind.

          F8: Lost his mind…maybe. Still, um, not trying to be cocky, but you sound like you haven’t been listening to our friends very much, ’cause they’re not all so crazy about you.

          DEE: It’s not a popularity contest. They’ve been working extremely hard on a serious investigation, and suddenly the killer they’ve been looking for is just a mouse click away.

          F8: Well…I guess we’ll see. But, you know, people have a thing for serial killers. It’s just like a…secret fascination. I mean nobody really talks about it, but uh….well our friends kinda do, but they’re a special crowd, so. Now they get to be the villains for a day. Kill somebody from behind a curtain on a little computer screen. You know, people would do crazy things knowing that curtain is there to protect them. Killing you is…probably not among the craziest.

          DEE: Neither is killing you.

          F8: Exactly! And the best part is, we’ll never know why they do it. Maybe it’s because they didn’t like your make-up one day, or because I’m just too charming to live without, or…if they do kill me, is it because they’re following your moral code, or is it because they wanna emulate my own defining moment, controlling the fate of the person who sealed theirs, just as I did to Roulette? Knowing our friends it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. But either way, I’m uh…I’m ready to accept my fate. How ’bout you?

          DEE: I make my own fate. But there’s one thing that I’m just not quite understanding. You seem pretty confident that you’ve got a decent shot of getting up and walking out of here. You might. But you kill all these people who you say control the fate of others, and yet…here you are, forcing my crowd to bec–to become the killers. So, help me understand this: wouldn’t that mean that you are controlling their fate? And according to your own reasons, all these so-called “friends” of yours would be forced to kill you.

          F8: Yeah. They might. And you’re right–I do control the fate of those I killed, and I’m controlling that of our friends right now by forcing them to become killers. But that’s why there’s a rifle pointing at my head. But the same goes for you. You’ve controlled the fate of those you’ve hunted, and now you’re controlling our friends by turning them into hunters.

          DEE: Absolutely not. Dead wrong. I never held a gun to their heads. I never forced them into a catch-22 like you’re doing now. My hunters are incredibly smart, and they’ve proven that time and time again. I’m not completely understanding why you can’t get that through your skull. If everyone that’s watching is as smart as the people I’ve been working with, I’m looking at a dead man. And if this little public suicide of yours is–

          F8: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. If this were a suicide, there’d be just one gun, and I’d be controlling my fate. Instead, this is me relinquishing control.

          [Dee laughs.]

          DEE: Right. You’ve never relinquished anything in your life. You always make it sound like you’re trying to be a martyr, but who are you kidding? Your death wouldn’t benefit anybody. I mean what are–what are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to create a little army of serial killers and they’re all forced to live through the same shared experience as you, hmmm? I’m sorry if this is your attempt to be understood–I don’t think it’s gonna pan out too well, even if they decide to play your little game. I’m guessing you don’t really care who lives or dies here. You’re just trying to make a point. But the sad part is? Nobody’s gonna buy your argument whether you live or die. These guys aren’t about to say, “Oh wow, wow, I just clicked a button! I’m a serial killer! Let me go out and kill some more ’cause it’s my fate!” This whole fate thing is a cop-out. It’s your way to kill without taking responsibility. I don’t know how anyone would see that as anything other than pathetic. I mean if you’re gonna kill? Own it. You think you’re a martyr, but in the end? You’re just a coward.

          F8: I never said that I was a martyr!

          DEE: Whoa, whoa whoa whoa, easy there, cowboy! I don’t wanna die just ’cause you can’t keep your head straight.

          F8: Yeah–don’t tempt me. The only reason I haven’t let this happen is because I’m a man of my word, and I wouldn’t want to take control away from my friends after offering it, but I have to say–whoever’s pressing the button now to kill you is really reading my mind. And…for you to still to be wondering what my point is with this public display is really quite demoralizing. Luckily, I think you’re the only one who’s still confused. I mean–am I trying to build an army? Not at all. I mean, I’m not the one calling people hunters. What I’m doing is creating a, um, a unique experience that I hope will make them reflect on their fate and what led them here, so, I’ll say it again, plain and clear: you can’t control your fate. Nobody can. And right now, I’m offering up my own life to prove that point. I don’t expect to be considered a martyr, and I have no problem with being a killer, but I’ not a killer without a cause.

          DEE: Driscoll, listen. I’m sorry that you were given a raw deal as a child. I really am. But this idea of yours, that everything revolves around fate? It’s not grounded in reality. It’s the product of an eight-year-old psyche. It’s…it’s a way of rationalizing an unmanageable experience. I’m sorry, Driscoll, but it’s not real.

          F8: The way I see it…some people never figure out their purpose in life, and I knew mine before I was 10. Now, I know fully well that my reality and yours don’t overlap, but I can’t expect you to understand. See, Dee, I’ve built my life on an idea, and you’ve built yours on the opposite–the justice of fate against the justice of choice.

          DEE: Then I guess it’s a battle of ideas, because you’re right–justice by all is the foundation of everything I stand for. My hunters? Are testing it to the top. You know…the irony in all of this? Is that you started it. When I began, I just wanted to be like you. I wanted to be strong like you. I wanted to stop the bad guys from hurting the innocent. That’s why I’m here today.

          F8: Wow, I, uh…I never realized that I had that kind of an impact on you.

          DEE: Well, I mean, that’s why I chose the path that I did, and after working inside the system I realized that justice is bigger than the system. The very idea of justice by all implies that people are inherently good, and they will make the right choice if you let ’em.

          F8: Wow. Maybe we’re not so different after all. In the end, we both believe that the outcome will be the right one, whether it’s serving justice or fate.

          DEE: Yeah, I guess so.

          [A long silence.]

          F8: Well, it looks like our friends are making their minds up pretty quick. It makes sense, though; there’s only a couple minutes left. Wow….saying that out loud is kind of a moment for me, I…feel like I’ve been anticipating this for so long now that it’s…I almost don’t know how to react.

          DEE: Careful. Your mask is slipping. You almost sounded human for a second.

          F8: Well, I do have my occasional slip-up.

          DEE: So this is it. This is how it ends?

          F8: This is, uh…all I’ve planned for.

          [Another silence.]

          DEE: So be it.

          [Dee takes a drink of her champagne. They wait.]

          F8: Well friends, it’s uh…it’s been a wild ride. You’ve impressed and, uh…amused…and surprised me so many times. I say goodbye with no regrets. Except maybe my typos.

          DEE: Goodbye, Driscoll.

          F8: Goodbye, Dee.


          • A few hours later, Dee updates her blog, confirming that she is alive and F8 is dead.

            9/24/2010: Friday

            Against all odds, somehow, @f8speaks tweets. Dee posts a final briefing, and Sleep Superbly is updated with a sleep therapy session–Dee’s first, dated 7/23/2010. And F8, man of his word that he is, finally answers those interview questions.

            • In the morning, Dee posts a blog letting hunters know that, once she restores her website to its normal state, she will post a new briefing.
            • Then, @f8speaks tweets, prompting hunters around the world to stare at their text message alerts in profound astonishment for quote some time:
              • @argn i’ve answered all your questions. you should find them at just the right time
                • Just when I was really starting to feel hope, Dee posts her final briefing:
                • Transcript:

                  Hey guys.

                  After yesterday’s event, well…all I can say is thank you for your bravery and making the decision that you did. I owe you my life, although it came at a heavy cost.

                  Listen, there is no doubt that I am grateful for the fact that I’m sitting here, but I want to express how sorry I am…how sorry I am that you were put into that situation and that you were forced to kill.

                  Like I told Infinity, I do this to protect the innocent from the bad guys, but yesterday, even though I thought I was protecting you, all I did was pull you directly into his trap. And now, even though he’s dead, I can’t shake the feeling that the bastard won. That’s something that I have to reconcile.

                  But everything that happened allowed me to pinpoint the flaw in our system. Infinity was able to pit us against each other because I made the mistake of separating myself from the crowd. The crowd is stronger than any one face. When I gave Justice By All a face, I gave it a target.

                  So I’m gonna change the way we do things. No more briefings, no more videos–this is the last you’ll see of me. But, just because you won’t see me doesn’t mean I’m gone. Basically…I’m not stepping down; I’m just stepping back. I’m joining the ranks as one of you.

                  And no matter how it affected me personally, yesterday was a triumph for Justice By All. I am so impressed with how you guys have proven yourselves as true hunters and how clearly you’re capable of making tough decisions.

                  When you look back on the choice you made yesterday, I don’t want you to think of it as the day you killed someone…rather as the day you saved a life.

                  So…keep hunting, ’cause you are Justice By All.

                  • Just after this video update, Sleep Superbly has an update on F8’s profile–but this time, the session is not with F8, but with Dee, dated 7/23/2010–the same date as F8’s first session.

                  Transcript: Dee Pratt Therapy Video Session #1 (7/23/2010)

                  IRIS: Hi, Doris. Welcome to your first full sleep therapy session.

                  DEE: Please, call me Dee. Everybody calls me Dee.

                  IRIS: All right, Dee. Tell me, how have you been sleeping this week?

                  DEE: Well, um…what can I say? Not superbly. I can’t seem to sleep much at all, I…I feel like I just haven’t been myself lately.

                  IRIS: That’s very unfortunate. What about when you do sleep?

                  DEE: Well the weirdest thing is I don’t dream. If I do, I can’t remember any. Before, I used to dream about floating in a boat, um…a life boat, I think? But I haven’t had that dream in weeks.

                  IRIS: Interesting. Well, sometimes, dreams stop when they come true. That’s when you can truly dream deep. So, do you want to play a game, or would you rather sleep? I could tuck you in….

                  • In case you were wondering, I looked it up in the DreamDeep iPhone app, and here’s what I got for “life boat”:

                    Dream: Life-boat

                    Meaning: To dream of being in a life-boat~ denotes escape from threatened evil. To see a life-boat sinking~ friends will contribute to your distress. To be lost in a life-boat~ you will be overcome with trouble~ in which your friends will be included to some extent. If you are saved~ you will escape a great calamity.

                  • F8’s mysterious tweet (i’ve answered all your questions. you should find them at just the right time) leads rather circuitously to his interview–weweremeanttomeetagain.com/justtherighttime.


                    Hi friends. Well, um…chances are, as you’re watching this right now, I’m dead. I mean there’s always a chance you killed Dee, but I can’t just assume that. I guess this might seem like a weird time for me to be, uh, following up on your questions, especially since I’ve given myself a good few days to think ’em through, but I wanted to do this now because I think you guys deserve to know that you were the last thing I thought about before I set in motion what may turn out to be my crowdsourced death. Since I’ve, uh, at this point turned you all into killers, at least you know that I didn’t do it without some consideration.

                    So, I thought this would be a good time for our Q&A. I mean, there may not be a next time.

                    So, first off, ummmm, Celina, Michael, and everyone at ARGNet, I have to say that I’m, uh, delighted that you guys joined in. I really think you picked some excellent questions. So, now for the answers.

                    Uh…so, Angel asked about my perfect date. Well, Angel, being my BFF and all, I really think you have an idea already. It’s not exactly candlelit dinners and walks on the beach, but, to answer, I am, right now, about to go on the date of a lifetime. You know it’s funny because you guys already know how it goes at this–this point, but uh, as I’m saying it, I’m feeling the butterflies of anticipation, so…yeah. I think this is my perfect date. 15 years in the making and hopefully not a dull moment.

                    Nicole, you asked who the eighth victim is. Well, I, uh…you tell me.

                    Then, Celina, uh…asked about the bloggers that I hearted. Well there were nine total. Aside from you, I reached out to people from uh, Brain Pickings, PSFK, Boing Boing, Mashable, uhh…creativity, Wired, UGO aaand Kotaku. I chose you guys simply because…you know, I thought you would appreciate my work. Whether you enjoy the game in it, see it more as a technologically inventive approach to serial killing, or…or just find it to be a creative social experiment…I sought out people that might have an appetite for that.

                    entei41308, you asked about the names on, uh, the list that Dee found and what the notations meant. Well, I wrote that list as I was planning a message to Dee, so in a way it’s not all that bad that it ended up in her hands. Uhh, I was looking for a list of key hunters to threaten if she refused to meet me. Vern, you got the smiley for hating on her make-up; shiny, I crossed you out since you decided to leave; Angel and Nicole, I circled you guys because you are standout investigators that Dee might relate to and you were going to be my first targets, but uh, Dee never forced me to go that far, but–don’t worry, I wouldn’t have really killed you; that would mess up my score. chantel, you were a close third; uh, I know Dee would’ve been a sucker for that, but I…just didn’t want her to get the wrong idea with the whole sex dating thing. Wouter, I was, uh, thinking about using you, but you were a little bit out of the way, and…ghostbusttyler, you know what? You should’ve been on the list. Dee would never have let you go after that teapot dance.

                    Fidelis, um, you asked what my process was for deciding my next, uh, friend. Well, you guys already know that I choose people who control the fate of others, you know, but I, I actually didn’t go out looking for them, I uh…fate simply brought them to me. You see, I…I mean I like to keep up with the news, and whenever I saw someone in the news that fit the bill, I looked deeper into ’em, and it was always important to me that they were from some notoriety, because I know that, you know, with fame comes the illusion of being above fate. You know, even Dee, whom I kept an eye on for quite some time, um, didn’t really qualify into my circle of friends until she stepped out as the Serial Huntress, but…I always knew that our paths would cross again somehow.

                    Skeptic, you asked if I would go back and change anything about what happened if I could. Well, ummm…the answer’s no. I, uh, I mean obviously I firmly believe in fate, so I can’t imagine any other possible path for me, and also who I am today is based on that incident. If things had gone any other way, I wouldn’t be me, and…I like me.

                    elros, uh, you asked how it would end. Well…I think you know the answer by now better than me.

                    And Gideon, you asked why I only started almost 20 years after the Roulette Killer? Well…uh, it takes a while to decide to do something like this and figure out how. I knew that I had to be an adult, be independent, build a new identity that wouldn’t tie me back to the incident, uh…develop skills that would make me impossible to catch…I actually started much sooner than my second kill, but even so, there were some things that I sensed and couldn’t accept when I was a kid. There was some growing up to do, I guess. But as soon as my path became clear, I never waited.

                    So, um…yeah. I think that answers all of your questions.

                    I just wanna say, um, no matter how things go, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this. Uh, I know it’s not something that you would expect to hear from a killer, and it’s certainly not something that I would’ve expected to say eight weeks ago, but…I’ve become very fond of you.

                    Hope you have fun in the next 20 minutes, uh…I know I will.