“She’s super honest and discreet.” – Abraham Lincoln, AKA the guy on the penny


“Angel’s just zis guy, you know?” – Gag Halfrunt, personal brain care specialist to Zaphod Beeblebrox

“Angel has no idea what to do with this website.” – Angel

“I mean, wow!” – Christopher Walken, actor and suspicious presence

“I mean…wow!” – William Shatner, Captain of Starship Enterprise

“Usually I hate Muggles, but Angel’s great.” – Voldemort, evil overlord


“Ich bin ein Angel fan.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy, donut

“Awww yeah, Angel is dope.” – Gandalf the Grey, wizard (order of the Istari)

“I’ve worked with her and it was a great experience. Would definitely work with her again!” – Walter White, chemistry teacher