“Pandora’s Box” (Spring 2008)

Written for a one-minute project based on “Pandora’s Box,” I ended up with two entirely different scripts, in entirely different genres:

Caught Dead-Handed: This one was, ultimately, the one I decided to actually make.  It’s a horror/comedy thing.  I don’t know.  Check it out–it’s only a few pages, and has an undead hand, and a bunch of fake blood.  To see the final, filmed product, you can find it on my video page.

Pandora’s “Box”:  Determined to make some kind of play on words, my initial intention was to produce a faux-early silent film era type thing, focusing on our leading hero and her plight to keep her virtue.  To be honest, it was in large part inspired by a Betty Boop cartoon that espouses the notion that being a flapper-girl in a circus is the first step on the road to a life of debasement. (Boop-Oop-A-Doop, 1932.)

“Strange Times” (Spring 2009)

This one–an assignment–began as a one-minute character study.  After the first minute was written and filmed, another two minutes had to be added on somewhere, while preserving the original minute.  Point in fact, I re-shot the whole thing because the first version looked pretty terrible and had to be written, filmed, and edited over the course of a weekend.  However, I went through three different versions of the screenplay, and have decided to post all of them to show how they changed.

Strange Times (Final Draft):  This is the version closest to the finished product, which you can view on my video page.

Strange Times (Second Draft)

Strange Times (First Draft):  The script that led to the first minute, which turned out entirely different when I went to film it.  You can see the first minute on my video page as well, below the final version.


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