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Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 5.09.27 PM“Bygones” (2014)

Half-hour comedy: Two Gen Y losers try to juggle keeping an antique store afloat in a dying economy and not getting arrested on a daily basis, with varying levels of success.

If you want to see more of this, and why shouldn’t you because I personally actually really love it, please contact me.

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death-star-1“Mayfield Mystery Solutions, Est. 2426″ (2014)

Hour-long sci-fi/mystery: It’s hard to connect with people 400 years in the future when you live on a space station orbiting the Earth, and almost as hard to live your dream of being a Sherlock Holmes-style detective, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

If you’re interested in finding out who did it, or how it has changed–because this one is constantly evolving–please contact me.

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rainbow-oreoDaily Show Packet (2012)

I actually submitted this packet and got into their last round of consideration, but the job ended up going to somebody very deserving and lovely who had already worked there for years and probably knew the tone and the show better than anyone who hadn’t, so I’m not even mad.

It’s outdated now, but if you’re interested in checking out what I can do for a show like it, contact me.

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Please keep in mind that I had four seconds and four other classes whenever I did these. I don’t know. You know film school.

“Pandora’s Box” (Spring 2008)

Written for a one-minute project based on “Pandora’s Box,” I ended up with two entirely different scripts, in entirely different genres:

Caught Dead-Handed: This was the one I made because I realized I only had $10 and six hours. I felt like I saw a lot of film students trying to make this over-ambitious pretentious things (which I definitely have done, so I can’t blame them too much), but I decided to be honest with myself and do a horror/comedy thing.  To see the final, filmed product, you can find it on my video page.

Pandora’s “Box”: I actually initially wanted this to be a play on words (you know…”box” = “vagina”…okay) so it was gonna be a silent focusing on our heroine’s plight to keep her virtue that was largely inspired by an early Betty Boop on the dangers of being a modern woman. (Boop-Oop-A-Doop, 1932.)

“Strange Times” (Spring 2009)

This assignment started out as a one-minute character study (the subject of which was assigned to me personally by my professor), and then it had to be expanded to three minutes with the original somewhere in there. It is of great note that this was the project where I learned that I both don’t love directing, and also that it’s terrible when I try to take myself too seriously. Why are there no jokes in this? There IS a killer, though, so that’s nice. I guess back when I made this website I decided to post all three versions of this script to show how they changed sooooo…why not leave them up here.

Strange Times (Final Draft):  This is the version closest to the finished product, which you can view on my video page.

Strange Times (Second Draft)

Strange Times (First Draft):  The script that led to the first minute, which turned out entirely different when I went to film it.  You can see the first minute on my video page as well, below the final version.


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