The World’s Gone Mad:

Sexism and Feminism in 1960s Mad Men

(Spring 2010 // Senior Undergrad: 4,063 words; read here)




The HaHaHa Times, Volume 3 (

Why So Serious?

How a Turn Towards the Dark and an Alternate Reality Changed the Batman Brand

(Spring 2008 // Sophomore Undergrad: 1,647 words; read here)




Reloaded and Revolutionized:

How Internet Fan Culture Influences Showbusiness and Spawns Transmedia Texts

(Spring 2008 // Sophomore Undergrad: 1,935 words; read here)




Dr Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 1964

The Historical Context of Kubrick’s Strangelove

(Spring 2007 // Freshman Undergrad: 2,607 words; read here)




Joan clocks her husband with a vase


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